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Gillian Heidi Returns With New Gem “out of my mind”


Apr 13, 2021

Based in Boston, Gillian Heidi is one of the most exciting rising artists right now, and without a doubt one that should be on your radar. Whether on the guitar or the piano, the singer and songwriter consistently manages to pull out heartstrings with honest and stunning pop songs, that are as authentic as they are well-written. She released her debut EP Unfiltered back in 2019, seeing the lead single, “What It Felt Like” amass over 200k streams on Spotify, and kept going in 2020 with a series of well-produced singles, such as “static,” “desparate” and “fray.” While tirelessly working on her debut album 3AM, set for release this summer, Gillian Heidi is now back with a new gem, sharing her exciting latest release “out of my mind.”

Marking her second single in 2021, following emotional anthem “burnout,” “out of my mind” showcases Gillian Heidi’s songwriting and vocal talents once again. The young artist is always using music as a means to tell her personal stories, and that’s exactly what she does on “out of my mind.” The single starts off slow, driven by Gillian Heidi’s intimate vocal performance and soothing piano chords, while the energy slowly builds up with the help of thumping kicks and snappy claps. The chorus then unexpectedly explodes into a sequence of massive bass, energetic drums and stacks of vocal harmonies, cementing “out of my mind” as one of Gillian Heidi’s best singles to date.

“”out of my mind” is about feeling crazy for feeling unsure in a relationship,” says Gillian Heidi. “I felt as though something was off, but I had no evidence. Everything in my relationship was so perfect, but I still couldn’t believe it, and I felt like I was going crazy making it all up in my head. The music in “out of my mind” is chaotic and loud, exactly how I was feeling at the time I wrote it. This song is so special to me, and I hope that others can connect to it in the way that I did!”