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Feb 15, 2016

Back in 2008, the members of GIVERS met in Lafayette, Louisiana’s finest dancehalls. Curating a mix of jazz, experimental rock and dance-pop, Tiffany Lamson, Taylor Guarisco, Kirby Campbell, Josh LeBlanc and Nick Stephan used Louisiana’s music scene to their advantage, releasing their debut record In Light in 2011, and their sophomore effort New Kingdom at the end of last year. It might seem like a long time since we heard anything from them, but they ended up touring a ton for their first record. When they finally got a break, they were able to embark upon a new musical journey up to interpretation in New Kingdom.

At the end of 2015, GIVERS filled us in on the space between their records and what sonic inspiration Louisiana’s music scene has given them.

Touring hard: We toured way hard for the last record, almost 3 years if you count the time before In Light’s release—so it made sense for us all to take a few months off and get our heads right. We began putting ideas together in Banner Elk, NC on top of Beech Mountain—the highest elevation east of the Mississippi River. The recording journey then took us all over the map to a few different studios after that.

Their new album title: New Kingdom can really be whatever you want it to be. It definitely touches on the theme of embracing something old along side of something new—which eventually began to guide the songs’ trajectory. Beyond that we like to leave it up to the listener to develop their own experience.

Louisiana inspiration: Tay: Growing up my mom always had The Neville Brothers and Dr. John playing in the tape deck—so that was where it all started for me. In middle school and high school I became obsessed with The Meters and Jon Cleary and then eventually discovered zydeco and cajun music. Keith Frank was the first zydeco artist to blow my mind. I ended up getting the chance to play with Feufollet, Terrance Simien, and sit in a good bit with Lost Bayou Ramblers—all of which were inspiring times that opened me even more to southwest Louisiana music.

Tour rider: A dachshund, a durian and David Lynch movies—still working on gettin the dachshund.

Painting colors with music: Our sound on this record is the result of us opening the door wide open in a few different ways—what kind of grooves were being laid down as well as what kind of emotion and color we were painting with. We made sure to go someplace we’ve never gone before with all of these songs, which has always been a big part of this project. It’d probably be best if fans didn’t expect anything going into it though—music … and life in general is better when leaving expectations out of the equation.