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Tourmates: Halsey and Young Rising Sons


May 7, 2015

Ever wish you could snoop in on the private online chats of your favorite bands? Yeah, us too. So we asked the New York singer Ashley Frangipane, AKA Halsey, to quiz her friends, the New Jersey rock foursome Young Rising Sons, via Gchat just before they embarked on their co-headlining tour this spring. And if Halsey’s (totally unfiltered) conversation with YRS members Andy Tongren, Dylan Scott, Julian Dimagiba, and Steve Patrick is any indication, this tour is going to be epic. Get briefed on their Disney obsessions, pop guilty pleasures, and wild Friday night memories in the chat below.

Ashley:  SONS. GUYS. MEN. I need to know: What is your favorite Disney movie?

Andy:  The Lion King for me.

Steve:  I feel like I’m in sixth grade in a chatroom right now, and it’s delightful. Favorite Disney movie? Mighty Ducks, easy.

Dylan: LOL, I have too many favorites… Toy Story, Aladdin, Lion King, Monsters, Inc

Ashley:  What’s your favorite song from the early 2000’s?

Andy:  Craig David, “Fill Me In.”

Steve:  What movie title would describe your past week?

Ashley:  LOL I would say the Lizzie McGuire movie when she becomes a pop star in Rome because same.

Dylan:  What artists influence you most lyrically, Ashley?

Ashley Alanis Morrisette, Jesse Lacey, Conor Oberst, and The Weeknd.

Ashley:  OK, here’s one: What food do you love that is really good but makes you hate yourself after? Me = buffalo wings.

Steve: Pizza, it’s always pizza. And it’s not because “oh this is bad for me” but instead because I eat a whole pie in one sitting like a disgusting sloth person.

Dylan: Maybe if I eat two Chipotle burritos instead of one.

Andy:  That happened to me, once…it was super regretful.

Dylan:  What did you on Friday nights in high school?

Ashley:  Friday nights were usually taking a train to the city and getting into trouble all weekend then taking classes hungover on Monday, haha.

Ashley:  Last question! What is one song lyric or movie line that best describes your feelings towards having to tour with me for a month?

Steve:  Mine is from the movie The Hangover and its “We’re the 3(five) best friends that anyone can have!” Because it’s going to be epic.

Andy Tongren:  Dashboard Confessional: “This is incredible, starving, insatiable, yes, this is love for the first time.”

Ashley:  My feelings about touring with you guys is a lyric right off your own album, boyz: “You’re so fucked up, and I love it.”

Dylan: Get ready for debauchery.

Ashley: We got a whole month to do this lol. Love y’all and we’ll see you in LA <3333333




  • HALSEY, shot by Lexie Alley