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hannah hausman Shares Infectious New Single “will i ever feel like this again?”


Jan 11, 2021

Making infectious indie-pop music filled with relatable lyrics and a flaming millennial spirit, hannah hausman is without a doubt one of the most exciting new names to keep on your radar this year. The young artist released her debut single “lost in brooklyn” independently back in 2018, a tender indie-pop song with a future bass edge, that has since amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify, a really impressive achievement for any artist without a management team and a label. hannah hausman would have been in the perfect place to follow up the massive success of “lost in brooklyn” in the following year, if a brutal (pre-Covid) virus hadn’t attacked her vocal chords soon after, leaving her unable to even hum – let alone sing – for over 12 months. Always a fighter however, the young artist never gave up or once stopped her battle to get back her voice and achieve her dreams, and was finally able to bounce back with the help of a vocal therapist in Nashville. “It’s crazy backwards, I know,” she explains, “because at the moment I was so sad about it. But I realize now I had to lose my voice to find my real voice.”

Last year, hannah hausman was finally able to truly showcase what she is able to do, and with her newfound voice and confidence she released over a dozen originals and collaborations with the likes of PENANCE, Fractal City, Munn and more, including a collaborative EP with ry flora titled “feel something again.” Her hard work evidently payed off, as she has been featured on over 20 editorial Spotify playlists, including Brand New Chill, Pop Right Now, Young Love, It’s a Bop and many more.

Like the rest of her discography, hannah hausman’s fresh single “will i ever feel like this again?” is inspired by the sounds of Chelsea Cutler, Quinn XCII, Rex Orange County, Jeremy Zucker, ROLE MODEL, Lennon Stella and Alexander 23. A wonderfully laid-back yet impactful song, “will i ever feel like this again?” is driven by smooth percussion and heavenly guitar melodies under hannah hausman’s lighthearted vocal lines. A minimal introduction helps establish the melancholic atmosphere from the very beginning, while a tender buildup leads nicely into a pop-drop, filled with warm sub bass and playful vocal chops.