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Oct 23, 2020

Hoger has officially dropped his brand new single “Same Mistakes.”

The track, which follows Hoger’s recent release “Show Me How To Love,” covers a topic that is all too relatable for young adults. Through its lyrics, listeners hear the story of falling in love with a toxic person and not being able to fully leave behind that situation. “Same Mistakes” captures the luck of being able to exit this toxic relationship and then going back for more. It’s an ongoing dilemma of knowing you should stop being in a relationship with that person but continuing to make the same mistakes. 

This new single shows a more vulnerable and emotional side of Hoger. With powerful vocals and anthemic percussion, “Same Mistakes” becomes a stand-out release for Hoger. This is the “Rain” singer’s second release of this year. Currently, he is working on his upcoming and debut EP. 

The chorus of “Same Mistakes” is lyrically raw and completely unguarded. Hoger sings: “It’s bringing back the pain. Never really thought that I would feel this way again. Thought I could change my ways, here I am again making the same mistakes.” 

This track gives fans an idea and previews for future releases possibly coming later this year. With his debut EP on its way and countless fans discovering his music each day, it’s clear that this is only the beginning for Hoger and his career as a successful musician. 


“Same Mistakes” is out now. You can follow Hoger all over social media: Instagram and Facebook.