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Video Premiere: I Am Harlequin


Jun 9, 2015

An amazing dance song shouldn’t be restricted to just clubs or concert venues. After all, the urge to break out in dance can strike you anywhere: blasting from your stereo at home, in the supermarket, or in the case of I am Harlequin, weaving throughout crowded city streets. The budding pop star (whose real name is Anne Freier), is preparing to make people everywhere bust a move with her brand-new single “Dance With Anyone.” The track’s moniker is pretty self-explanatory, but for just in case you needed further motivation to get moving, I am Harlequin’s sound is tough to resist. Thanks to some 80s’-inflected pop melodies and a funky, sing-along chorus, it’s the perfect introduction to her happy-go-lucky vibe.

Even better than the song itself, however, is the video. Premiering today, it’s a wild, colorful trek throughout London. As Freier put it, “A lot of uplifting songs are usually accompanied by beachy-type visuals. However, in reality we don’t all live on the beach.” And in that case, she suggests dancing among the cityscapes.  “Celebration doesn’t always have to be linked to popping colours and smiley faces,” she said. Sometimes just the journey and finding each other creates moments of intense and truthful joy.” Watch the premiere of “Dance With Anyone” below, then go get the track yourself when it drops June 26th on Stop Being Cute Records.