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IHF Finally Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Album Precious Cargo


Jun 6, 2021

After a string of exiting singles, such as the dancefloor-ready piece “In My Skin” and the ethereal gem “It Wasn’t Enough,” IHF has finally shared his highly anticipated debut album Precious Cargo in full, which is set to come alongside a brand new live show as well. Out via TH3RD BRAIN, Precious Cargo is 10 solo tracks in length and acts as a strong testament to IHF’s artistic progression, driven by heavenly atmospheres, washed out vocals and organic drum work.

IHF has come a long way since his debut EP “Floating” back in 2014, having now established himself as a massively celebrated name among electronic music fans. Back in 2016, his track “Evolve” caught the attention of Google and was placed in their Olympics ad campaign, while IHF’s stage presence isn’t one to ignore either. He has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious festivals, as well as toured alongside acts such as Big Wild, Griz, Glass Animals, and many more.

An energized and impressive body of work “Cargo” manages to hook you in from the very start with its trippy, lush production. Listeners are treated to some of IHF’s best work to date, with explosive instrumental drops, spacious synth lines, and distorted effects, making for a compelling tracklist with definite replay value.