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Sep 14, 2020

In the mood for new music? We’ve got you covered. In this edition of  “if you like, then you’ll love” we’ll be giving you five new artists that will inspire, ignite, and probably give you the feels!


If You Like Tame Impala, Then You’ll Love Inner Wave

Fan of festival headliner Tame Impala’s psychedelic rock music? The Australian act is known for their song, “The Less I Know The Better,” debuting late 2015. Recently, it topped Triple J’s Hottest 100 of the 2000s list in March of this year. The one-man project by Kevin Parker creates a distinct vibe by combining a unique blend of distorted phasing, reverb, and white noise into his sound. Parker produces these groovy songs alone in the studio, but tours with a live band. 

So, if Tame Impala is up your alley, give Inner Wave a listen! This Inglewood indie rock band boasts a tracklist perfect for pleasing listeners who pulsate on an ethereal plane. Inner Wave’s electric enthusiasm is favorable for fans of Tame Impala’s signature smooth sound, their songs reminiscent of the whimsy and fantasy that emerges from the warped atmosphere of bold loops. The Inglewood quintet is made up of lead singer and guitarist Pablo Sotelo, bassist and vocalist Jean Pierre Narvaez, guitarist and keyboardist Elijah Trujillo, keyboardist Chris Runners and drummer Luis Portillo. Their song “Eclipse” is sure to slide listeners into their fandom! 

People who vibe with Tame Impala can expect to melt away with Inner Wave’s dreamy melodies.


If You Like Jhené Aiko, Then You’ll Love Niki

Three-time Grammy nominee Jhené Aiko may have first charted in Big Sean’s “Beware” but the singer has since made a name for herself with 12 Top 10 hits, including “Triggered.” Known for her expressive and emotional lyrics, Aiko rose as an artist with momentum from her collaborations to solidify her career as a musician. Fans of Aiko’s amorous sound will find it easy to seamlessly flow into Indonesian singer NIKI’s melodic embrace, as both artists are influenced by R&B icon Aaliyah. 

NIKI’s gentle voice effortlessly hooks listeners in by weaving storytelling into her soundtrack. This talented songstress won a competition at 15 years old and opened for Taylor Swift’s The Red Tour in Jakarta! The experience led NIKI to launch her YouTube channel where she covered popular songs and shared original work. Her first two songs, Anaheim and Polaroid Boy are on Spotify under Nicole Zefanya. Her debut album MOONCHILD just released and listeners can reflect on a blend of orchestral songs like “If There’s Nothing Left…” and nostalgia inducing track “Drive On.” 

Lovers of Los Angeles native Jhené Aiko’s sweet and sultry vocals are sure to find favor in smooth and sensual singer NIKI. 


If You Like Troye Sivan, Then You’ll Love joan

Superstar Troye Sivan, named the “perfect pop star” by TIME magazine, captivated an audience through perfect prose in his lyrics. The Australian singer won hearts worldwide, topping charts in 66 countries and is certified Gold in four countries. Sivan is known for his music that inspires LGBTQ teens and critics from Rolling Stone and Billboard named single “My My My!” as one of the best songs of 2018. Fans who can’t get enough of Sivan may resonate with another artist who stays true to their heart.

Welcome Arkansas indie pop duo joan! Sivan’s lovely lyrics can be compared to joan’s, both artists creating music that closely aligns with their identity. Their songs mesh well together, and listeners will be thrilled to discover this small town gem. joan is made up of friends Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford, and they attribute their deep rooted Christian faith to be the propelling force behind their music. They opened for COIN in 2017, and their newest album “cloudy” provides a beautiful glimpse into love with songs like “brokenhearted” and “try again.”

Audiences allured by Troye Sivan will definitely find comfort in the heartwarming and glorious music by joan. 


If You Like Kim Petras, Then You’ll Love Rina Sawayama

Kim Petras set the pop industry ablaze with her #1 Spotify Global Viral 50 song “I Don’t Want It At All” and sold out premiere headlining tour.. She seized the scene as an independent artist after finding record labels took issue with her being transgender. The Los Angeles based German singer is critically acclaimed by numerous media outlets like the NY Times and MTV, and she is known for her showstopping energy and conviction. Fans of Kim Petras and her resilience can find a similar spirit in another aggressive heroine.

Make way for powerhouse Rina Sawayama! This wild London based artist opened for Charli XCX and exudes cool confidence in her music. Influenced by early 2000’s pop music, Sawayama confronts topics of identity and conflict, her fierce demeanor never wavering through her punchy lines. She embarks on a rocky dating journey in her song “STFU!” where she tackles racial microaggressions. The music video details a closeup of her personal experiences and features an eye opening account of what it’s like to be a Japanese woman living in England.

People empowered by Kim Petras’s music can ignite through the fierce and crisp sound of Rina Sawayama. 


If You Like Billie Eilish, Then You’ll Love bülow

If you’ve been on the Internet, outside, or really anywhere, you’re no stranger to pop sensation Billie Eilish! The singer holds five Grammy wins, and is the youngest person ever to win in four of the main categories. Known for her affinity for boxy fashion, Eilish’s baggy clothes serve to prevent people from critiquing her body. Eilish catapulted to fame through her debut album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” with mega-hit “Bad Guy” being her first number one single in the US. Like the contemplative lyrics from Billie Eilish? 

Try out German-born soloist bülow! Similarly to Eilish, she wanted to deter folks from judging her superficially and so she chose an ambiguous stage name. The singers share the same passion for artistic integrity, and bülow’s synth-saturated sound holds a likeness with its grunge-feel and raw emotion. Named by Apple Music the “New Artist of the Week” for her three-track debut EP, “Damaged Vol. 1,” bülow opened for Lauv’s 2019 tour through India and the US. You can listen to her airy vocals on her latest single, “Boys Will Be Boys,” where sentimental lyrics are subtle against the upbeat production.

Listeners looking for an escape through Billie Eilish will definitely find solace in the moody melodies of bülow.