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Video Premiere: Jesse Boykins III


May 18, 2015

When it came to making the video for his latest single “The Wonder Years,” Jesse Boykins III decided to look to his (not-so-distant) past for inspiration. Seems appropriate, right? After all, for the past several months the musician has been having a wonder year of his own, traveling the world on his Love Apparatus tour alongside Jessie Ware. While on the road he teamed up with the art collective Through Whose, handing out branded disposable cameras to fans in order to capture their favorite moments from the shows. Many of the images already made their way online, and the rest are about to see the light of day in Jesse’s new video. They might be blurry, filled with light flares, or contain other “imperfections” common with disposable cameras — but in our opinion, these unique qualities are exactly what make the pictures so damn awesome.

Rather than throw them away, Jesse and Through Whose founder Jules Schratter strung them together for a dreamy trip down memory lane for “The Wonder Years.” As Jules said of the story behind the lo-fi clip, “Sometimes our fondest memories carry with them, glitches in design. While Jesse was overlooking photos taken from our #LOVEAPP collaboration, many of them appeared blacked and beamed out. Together, we combined these aspects along with timely placed 8mm shots, providing the illusion of a single silk-strung tapestry of moving image, all pulled from disposable cameras.”

Featuring snaps from fans, as well as friends such as Kitty Cash, Theophilus London, and more, the hundreds of images are the perfect accompaniment to Jesse’s head-bobbing R&B sound. Watch the exclusive premiere of Jesse Boykins III’s “Wonder Years” video above — and be careful not to blink! Trust us, you don’t want to miss a second of it.

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