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Jimmy Smash Return With New Single “Over”


Feb 16, 2021

With an impressive track record and a huge career ahead of them, Jimmy Smash are without a doubt one of the most exciting acts currently rising out of Norway. Their musical journey started with a stunning cover of the Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Landslide,” while their debut single “Macadamian,” which came shortly after, has amassed almost 4.5 million streams on Spotify to date.

The duo’s talents and creative vision have only grown stronger over the years and now, following their late 2020 single “Under,” Jimmy Smash are back with their first release of 2021, offering impressive vibes and soundscapes on “Over.” Drawing inspiration from all types of genres, from hip-hop to thrash metal, it’s easy to see how their wide variety of influences have shaped their lush sound. “Over” is filled with anthemic vocals, washed out guitars and groovy percussion and quickly transitions into an explosive, nostalgic showcase of Jimmy Smash’s songwriting skills and talent, making up for perhaps one of Jimmy Smash’s most impressive singles yet.

“‘Over’ is about not feeling good enough for someone or that you do not fit in with who you are with. Sometimes it comes to a point that you no longer feel important. The sketch of the song went very slowly forward, and in the beginning it sounded most like the background music you can hear in a massage studio. This song is for anyone who wants a calm start to the morning,” explain Jimmy Smash.