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Juliette Reilly releases new single “Married”


Nov 6, 2020

Single ladies, don’t despair! Pop singer Juliette Reilly just dropped her new single, “Married,” an irresistibly catchy new track dedicated to being single but in love with who you are! Featuring her signature sassy lyrical talent, the feel-good anthem leads with a catchy hook before breaking into an uplifting chorus that stays true to Juliette’s personal motto of self-love and strength. The amazing single will be featured on her upcoming EP Unsaid next year.

“Married” is a strong follow-up to her most recent EP, Love You Good Bye, an album about the feelings following a break up and moving forward. So forget about crying, because “Married” is the perfect track to blast to cheer you up! As Juliette herself resolved in her lyrics, “I’m married to the grind.” This soulful song is sure to be an easy replay for listeners who need some motivation to keep going and singing along sure beats being sad!

Since taking home the SongDoor International Songwriting Contest with her debut single “Hero” in 2015, Juliette has continued to inspire fans. She’s won over the hearts of 175,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she’s been cranking out covers and original songs. The singer’s passionate about engaging her fans with an anti-bullying message in her work and Juliette’s songs have been featured as theme songs for non-profit organizations. They’ve also made their way on Billboard and MTV shows!


“The idea for this song started as a joke with one of my friends who had just recently gotten engaged. I’m about to turn 27, most of my friends are in serious relationships, engaged or married, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the societal pressure to “settle down”. I was telling her how happy I was for her and then started cracking jokes about how I don’t need to get married because I’m focusing on my career and am gonna make all this money (spoiler alert: I didn’t). But then I started to realize that it was true. There’s a huge part of me that loves my independence being single and making decisions only for myself. I was able to harness that “bad-bitch” energy into this song. I felt it was important to empower women of all ages to understand that it’s okay to put yourself, your interests and your career ahead of a man or your family. In our society that is still so uncomfortable for many people to wrap their heads around. Like, yes, I want to be loved and have a family, someday, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my freedom, my friends, and making moves in my career right now.” – Juliette Reilly


Listen to “Married” below and keep up to date with Juliette on her InstagramTwitterFacebookYouTube and TikTok!




  • Photographer Libby Danforth