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Jvanz Drops Infectious New Single “Reach Into Myself,” Alongside His Very First NFT


Sep 12, 2021

One of the most exciting artists currently coming up in the scene from Canada, Jvanz has had his fair share of accomplishments already. With an extensive discography that includes almost a dozen singles, as well as two EPs with 2020’s ‘Lane Change’ and ‘Parallel,’ Jvanz is consistently blessing his audience with an exciting mix of pop, hip-hop, and dancehall, while teaming up with boundary-pushing artists such as Bunlo and Snyder.

Now, following earlier 2021 releases such as dancehall gem “Ritual” and R&B vibe “Dumb Your Boyfriend,” Jvanz has returned with “Reach Into Myself” a truly infectious record filled with good energy and bright vocal lines. Groovy basslines and subtle percussion drive the single under the artist’s stunning singing voice, as the song progresses into a fully-fleshed-out radio hit with the help of catchy claps and immersive melodies.

“The song was written from my perspective from my experience of realizing I only appreciate the outer shell of what I’m looking at, but never feel fulfilled. Only recently I’ve realized one’s true beauty and energy lies within and sometimes we need to ‘reach into ourselves’ to find that,” explains Jvanz about the track.

In a move that could create Canadian history for him as an independent artist, Jvanz is accompanying the release of “Reach Into Myself” with his very first NFT, which is incorporating an exclusive audio clip and is a visual representation of the song with a conceptualized meaning. For the release of the NFT, Jvanz’s management Icon Island Inc. has partnered with the legendary team at MoneGraph. The digital art piece goes live for auction on Thursday and 5% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity organization “1% For The Planet.”

Though he has reached a large number of milestones over the years – among them receiving praise from outlets such as Rolling Stone, Dancing Astronaut and Lyrical Lemonade – Jvanz’s success has definitely not come overnight. Jvanz always knew that he wanted to make music, and started using YouTube to teach himself singing while still in elementary school, uploading songs and covers on the platform at only 12 years old. He later teamed up with his childhood friend Mohammed to kickstart MoJo, uploading a series of trap soul freestyle videos on Instagram that quickly went viral, helping Jvanz build his initial audience and break into the industry.

His brand new single and NFT drop will undoubtedly help propel Jvanz’s career even further. You can check out the NFT here on the official website, which goes live to auction this Thursday, 16th of September!