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Oct 22, 2020

KTJ & Carly have officially released their highly anticipated EP: Identity. 

Identity is the dynamic duo’s official debut project that gives fans a complete idea of the group’s unique sound. This particular project explores the concept of finding yourself in a world full of pressure and inevitable competition. It begins with the powerful track “SELL YOUR SOUL” that features a catchy chorus and addictive beat. And as one track transitions into another, listeners begin to genuinely get to know KTJ & Carly on a personal level through their lyrics and the overarching messages presented. 

The personalities and influences of KTJ & Carly shine through the music presented on Identity. Each track acts as a stepping stone that eventually leaves fans with a full introduction to the duo as both individuals and artists. It becomes clear that as listeners are getting to know the group, KTJ & Carly are experiencing their own sort of self-discovery and journey as well. 

Influenced by artists and groups such as Chloe X Halle, KTJ & Carly are an incredibly confident and strong duo when it comes to the world of synth-pop. And while their songs definitely sound like hits, it’s clear that this group is not aiming to make music with superficial messages. The goal of  KTJ& CARLY is to make a genuine and true mark on the music industry. They strive to create tracks that focus on messages that truly matter and will resonate with listeners on a personal level. 

The production on Identity is beyond impressive. Songs like “SOMEONE LIKE YOU” effortlessly capture the group’s vocal ability while still utilizing technology to succeed at their synth-pop sound. For instance, the vocal layering on this particular track stands out as something that will catch the attention of many listeners on their first listen through this EP. It’s quite hypnotizing and unlike what some music fans are accustomed to hearing on the radio. 

The lyrics and themes presented on Identity will make you think twice about the life you’re living. KTJ& CARLY’s period of self-discovery inspired a whole new outlook on life and their perspective on certain situations. And while self-exploration is something that resonates with countless young adults, it is unfortunately not something that is always embraced or praised in music. Tracks on this project remind listeners that they are not alone. The duo constantly reflect on the idea that life is a journey and we’re all simply a work in progress. 

KTJ& CARLY’s EP is a confident look at what their musical identity is all about. Their production, vocals and lyrics are equally confident. This is a project that truly means something to the group and will connect with countless music fans around the world due to how genuine and distinctive it is right from the start. Listening to Identity is an emotionally unforgettable and vibrant experience that offers a new perspective on the common issues and dilemmas we all face in our everyday lives. And if one thing is certain, this is one group that fans are going to want to keep on their radar.  


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