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Aug 28, 2020

Look who’s back on Popular TV!

As you know, we are KTJ & CARLY‘s #1 fan and when they launch something new, we are the first ones to go listen and stream – and, well, today couldn’t be any different! The girls are fresh off of the launch of their brand new single “Enable Me”. Dowsed in the juxtaposition of a delicate tie-in of pink and the could touch of leather, the duo opens the song the same way with a slowed down tempo as they pour their emotions on this track line by line. From the chorus to the undeniable hook, KTJ & CARLY’s intensity burns on this track with a mix of scorned harmonies on this track about the toxicity felt in a relationship when you’re allowing yourself to be guided singing “Enablers turned my sight inside out/You draw me in more ways I can count/Blinded by your devil’s playground”.

Enable Me comes only weeks after the release of “Otherside”, an examination of not only relationships but “could be stemmed from so many different things,” Carly explains, such as “death, injustice, separation, anxiety, etc.” The track is orchestrated with harmonic melodies, lyrical intensity, and swelling piano instrumentals to illustrate the unfortunate reality of living with a broken heart.

The track is the second single off of their upcoming EP “Identity.” and gives their fans a good idea of what to expect when the project drops in late October. Keeping busy, even amid a pandemic, they continue to make their mark on live music, performing for the virtual Pridefest, What The Sound Fest and their own late-night sessions, deemed “Late Night Live.”

Well, while we are waiting, you should go check our most recent interview with KTJ & CARLY and, obviously, go listen to “Enable Me” :)




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