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Leah Kate releases a new single “Grave”


Oct 23, 2020

Leah Kate is back with new music!

The raging voice behind ‘Impulse’, bad idea’, and ‘F*ck Up the Friendship’ released her newest single: Grave

The song starts with futuristic and chilling beats, and are completed with Leah’s perfect vocals creating an undeniable atmosphere. 

As an LA-based artist, music clearly runs through Leah. Through her fine-tuned storytelling, the singer has already conquered worldwide attention earning a spot on some of Spotify’s most listened to playlists including New Music Friday, Pop Right Now, Pop Rising, and Sad Beats. As for numbers, Leah has racked up over 8 million streams independently since her launch in 2019 and her song ‘Impulse’ has upwards of 6 million total streams.

Up next, the artist will be partnering with the world-famous entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian via music start-up service Indify. The collab will be one of the first partnerships since Khalid’s success on the platform.




  • Photography Emmanuelle Pickett