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Lena Fayre’s New Track Will Haunt You


May 20, 2015

“Music has been ‘it’ for me my entire life,” Lena Fayre tells me emphatically. “Since I started playing, there hasn’t been much else.” She’s not exaggerating, either. The 18-year-old Los Angeles native discovered her love for singing at age five, and after her first recording session at the ripe old age of 12, she’s been perfecting her smoky, gorgeous sound ever since. With a haunting, dreamy vibe — think Lana Del Rey meets Warpaint —  Fayre’s vocals are the kind that stick in your head long after the song has ended.

Want proof? Look no further than her breakout release, the ethereal pop jam “Everybody’s In.” It’s a multifaceted track stocked with layers of lush melodies and Fayre’s signature fragile, ripped-from-her-diary kind of lyrics. Just a month after its release, the video now has close to 400 thousand plays. The insta-success of the song is a surprise for Fayre, who says that the tune came about quickly. “It something that we wrote in about 15 minutes and just laid it down and had a lot of fun with. It wasn’t necessarily a song that we slaved over—it was a lighthearted thing.”


Next up, Fayre will swing by SXSW for what’s billed as her “official” debut (funny, considering how long she’s been performing), as well as a slew of upcoming local shows. And just in case the music itself wasn’t enough to convince you to catch her live, her style should be. Statement-making without being loud, she prefers oversized jackets, flowy dresses, and easy, effortless pieces that resemble a Stevie Nicks aesthetic sparkled with fairy dust.

As Fayre puts it, “I care a lot about the shape and silhouette of my clothes, and I take that into account when I go onstage. I don’t wear patterns well, but I love glitter. If it has  sequins or iridescence, then I want it.” Catch Lena Fayre in all her glittery glory in her new video for “Everybody’s In” above, and stay tuned– her new EP drops later this spring!

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