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Aug 28, 2015

Today’s the day: badass “it” girl Halsey’s finally dropped her album! It’s rare to come across an artist who is so young and, yet, so wise beyond her years. With her blue hair and flair for being candid, the 20-year-old LA by way of New Jersey singer isn’t afraid to be blunt about being sad, having sex and living life. Halsey, aka Ashley Frangipane, also is one of those musicians who you want to see succeed (and be BFFs with)—the singer has a real appreciation for her fans, constantly praising them on all of her social media channels. Also the queen of cool has been seen hanging out with electronic babe Alison Wonderland, The 1975 and, of course, her boyfriend and collaborator Lido. Halsey’s vibrant personality first came out on her debut EP Room 93, but now freely shines through even more on her debut record Badlands.

While Room 93 was more of a dream pop collection of songs, Badlands has a darker, more urban pop feel. Halsey is a dreamer, and her idealistic lyrics glow throughout Badlands. Opening track “Castle” sets the tone for the moody pop record, but there’s a cinematic vibe that seems to continue throughout the album. It’s something that pops up on the ethereal “Roman Holiday,” while the record runs the gamut of love and loss on the dancey “Colors” and down-tempo “Coming Down” too. Each song on the record sounds like a painting, which probably spurs from Halsey’s synesthesia—a blessing that makes the record a pop masterpiece. She sees things in blue, and we do too after listening to Badlands on repeat.

Listen to Halsey’s debut below via Spotify to see what we mean. After just completing her run with Imagine Dragons, you can catch her on tour with The Weeknd this fall.