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Listen to N1, A 7-track Compilation Curated by Abao Featuring The Best Rising Indigenous Taiwanese Talents


Mar 29, 2021

Making up just over 2% of the population today, the indigenous people of Taiwan and their blossoming artists definitely deserve more recognition. This is something neo-soul and R&B singer Abao knows better than anyone, thus she started tirelessly working towards bringing her vision to life: a compilation album featuring exclusively rising artists of indigenous descent, that is out now in the form of N1.

Abao, who is of Paiwan indigenous descent, has established herself as one of the most in-demand Taiwanese names over the past few years. Her 2019 album “kinakaian” allowed her to win the Best Album and Best Song categories at the Golden Melody Awards, the Chinese-Speaking world’s highest music honor, while she has enjoyed performing at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals. “kinakaian” served as the blueprint for N1, that was curated by Abao herself, alongside her very own organization Nanquaq, which is devoted to supporting and nurturing talent in indigenous communities across Taiwan, and indie/electronica producer Huang Shao-yong of Dark Paradise Records.

N1 spans over 7 incredibly diverse tracks, and features rising singers and songwriters Natsuko, Arase, Dremedreman, Stingie, Drangadrang, Makav, and Kivi, who hail from four of Taiwan’s 16 recognized indigenous ethnic groups: Paiwan, Bunnan, Amis, and Rukai. Each artist sings in their own respective native languages, cementing N1 as a cultural masterpiece, since each artist paya homage to their indigenous heritage while maintaining a modern and fresh sound. Tracks like Arase’s “Dreamer” and Drangadrang’s “Life’s Struggle” take influence from electronic music, while other songs such as Dremedreman’s “Name” and Stingie’s “Get together” perfectly combine influences from funk and jazz into a unique sound.