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Song Premiere: Little Brutes


Apr 22, 2015

You might not know Little Brutes by name — not yet, anyway — but if you’ve tuned into the NBC show One Big Happy, then you’ve definitely heard the L.A. duo’s single “Make Our Own Way.” The crisp, high-flying pop track serves as the sitcom’s theme song, and when you’ve got executive producer Ellen Degerenes’ stamp of approval, you know you’ve truly made it. On the heels of that release, band members Rachael Cantu and Harlan Silverman are giving us a double dose of awesomeness with their new single “Carefully.”

Filled with sweeping synths and a polished electronic backbone, the original is irresistible enough on its own. But when Jasper Leak (Tegan and Sara, Sia) offered up his remix magic, things got even better. He’s slowed things down a bit, injected a darker edge, and transformed the happy-go-lucky track into something with decidedly more depth. But don’t worry, it’s still totally dance party-worthy.

Start your weekend off right with the premiere of Jasper Leak’s remix of “Carefully” here, then watch the video for “Make Our Own Way” below.