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Oct 28, 2020

Previously standing as a beacon of light and hope for navigators, Livingston turned ‘Lighthouse’, his debut EP, into a place of solace for his fans and others as they navigate the world through their own self-doubts and anxiety. Through all of the uplifting and inspiring sounds of the project, a stand out, was the sixth track, Carnival, and now the world gets to revel in its madness.

Premiering on Popular TV, Carnival depicts Livingston’s anxiety and  battles with isolation through his own mind set at a… you guessed it – carnival. Filled with the faceless wandering eyes, Livingston navigates us through multiple stages with each new location. Whether it’s constricted in a slide, the loss of control in a ball pit, or the overly earnest and enticing carnival barker, Carnival is sure to leave everyone guessing every step of the way.

Of the music video Livingston explains, “This video is something in between a fever dream, the battle with anxiety inside my own head, and IT.”

At just 18-years-old, the self-taught singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer from Denton, TX is already being named a “one to watch” and racking up a few fans along the way. On Spotify, the rising star has over 155k monthly listeners with millions of career streams.

Not only is the music video premiering with us this morning, but we also talked to the Livingston about the inspiration for the track, being self-taught, and one thing most fans don’t know about him.

1. Do you remember the moment the inspiration for ‘Carnival’ came to you?

I recall I was in a really frustrating place with my anxiety- recognizing there was literally no present danger and than all of my fear was derived from problems that weren’t real. Mountains out of molehills. I wanted to write the song almost as this sarcastic ode to anxiety and accepting the fact that me and these negative thoughts are going to need to find a way to coexist under the same roof so to speak.


2. How did that track fit into your debut EP ‘Lighthouse’?

It initially wasn’t going to be on Lighthouse actually- but the more I listened to it, I felt like it brought some much needed humor and lightheartedness to an otherwise very melodramatic EP- it needed something that was just fun to listen to, so I threw it in and I’m so glad I did. 


3. Being self-taught in singing, songwriting, producing and engineering, is there a part of the process that you felt came easiest?

Hmmm… I think producing, but not necessarily “easiest”, just that there was no alternative for it so I had to go full speed in learning it. It was either A) learn logic x or B) pay $200 license fees to get beats from YouTube forever and the latter wasn’t gonna be sustainable as a high schooler 


4. What is a part of producing or engineering that you absolutely geek over when creating?

I’m an absolute nerd over engineering/studio equipment/mixing. I’ll say I’m definitely still learning and by no stretch am I a pro, I just love that world. Hardware stuff. Like the feeling of dialing hardware preamps and synths and compressors is so much more fun than the ROMpler/VST synths I grew up on. It’s not stuff anybody really cares about or even notices in the music, but I love the history behind it and it inspires me to create.


5.  As an artist (and producer), do you listen to music through the ears of a fan or through a musician?

Fan. I can’t ever level with the albums I grew up listening to. If it made an impact on my life, it will be permanently larger than life and unachievable- which is what makes that standard so fun to strive after. 


6. With the vibe of your sound, what show or film do you think it’d be a great fit for?

Oooh… I have no idea- maybe an acoustic version for credits on American Horror Story or Black Mirror or something?


7. Tell us something most people don’t know about you. 

I play trombone. 


8. What is a question you wish you got asked more? 

Maybe more about the meaning behind individual lyrics? But on the same token, I’m glad I’m not asked to explain everything, I think it’s important to leave things up for interpretation.
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