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Maejor Releases Music Video for “Life”


Nov 30, 2020

Maejor is a singer-songwriter and producer with a purpose. He aims to share his passion for art through music. And with multiple Grammy nominations under his belt already, it is no surprise that his art attracts thousands of listeners worldwide on a monthly basis. After writing for several high-profile musicians and artists, including Justin Bieber, Ciara and Trey Songz, Maejor has effortlessly established a dedicated fanbase of his own. 


The “Life” singer has tapped into the healing power of sound. In fact, he is the first popular musician to record and release music at a frequency of 432Hz. That specific frequency is considered to be both a therapeutic and healing. 


Maejor’s latest album, Vol: 1 Frequency, was released this year. It includes 14 tracks and features a few artists, including Juicy J. Following the release of this particular album, Maejor continued to share new music and collaborations with fans. Most recently, he shared the music video for his track “Life” with Sofia Reyes and Alonzo


In an exclusive interview with PopularTV, Maejor opens up about his latest album, criticism and more. 


How long in the making was your debut album Vol 1: Frequency?

This album took me two years to make because I traveled around the world collecting data and information regarding frequency. I went to  Machu Picchu and the pyramids of Egypt to study frequency effects on humans.


You were Grammy nominated for your work on Trey Song’z Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Justin Bieber’s Purpose, and Monica’s New Life albums. As art is one of the few “scoreless” forms of entertainment we have, what is it like to have your art under scrutiny daily? 

If it’s not being criticized it’s not big enough. 


What part of being an artist came natural to you?

Having a vision for what I wanted to create and having the sound already in my head. I think that my production background helped me understand music from a wider perspective. 


As an artist (and producer), do you listen to music through the ears of a fan or through a musician?

I listen through my own ears- which is both because I am a musician and a fan