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Marina Diniz and Dani Vellocet Connect On Groovy New Single “A Fuego Lento”


Nov 14, 2021

Breathing new life into an undisputed classic, Marina Diniz and Dani Vellocet have just shared their brand new single “A Fuego Lento.” This isn’t the first time the two talented musicians have teamed up to produce a nostalgic version of a previously released hit song. Earlier this year, the dynamic duo released their version of “The Promise” by the internationally acclaimed band When In Rome, and the feedback from industry peers and their audience alike was nothing short of impressive.

“A Fuego Lento” is a classic song by Spanish singer Rosana Arbelo which became incredibly successful in Brazil throughout the early 2000s. While the original song impresses with its organic sonics and traditional mood, Marina Diniz and Dani Vellocet’s redo focuses more on bringing the heat to the dancefloor with the help of addictive percussive beats and stunning vocals, while definitely respecting the original’s vibe and aesthetic.

“Since the beginning of my career, at age 16, ‘A Fuego Lento’ was already part of my DJ repertoire and it worked very well on the dancefloor both in Ribeirão Preto, my hometown, and in São Paulo. But I was never able to find a cool enough remix to play, so I ended up always playing the original version which has a very light beat, not heavy enough for the clubs. Speaking with Dani, we decided to do a remix with a more contemporary touch,” explains Marina Diniz in a press statement.