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MDL CHLD Unveils Empowering Anthem “Funk (About You)” Feat. Nicole D’Amato


Jun 25, 2021

Aiming to empower his community and inspire everyone to be their authentic selves, and not give a Funk about what everyone else thinks, MDL CHLD has enlisted Nicole D’Amato to share uplifting single “Funk (About You),” coming alongside an impressive music video that brings together a Queer, Deaf and BIPOC team, in what is definitely MDL CHLD’s most inclusive effort to date.

While “Funk (About You)” is an unapologetically loud, original and bright dance floor anthem, driven by groovy basslines, sultry vocals and minimal instrumentation, the music video truly gives the song its edge, and showcases MDL CHLD’s unique artistic vision. Filmed in an ever-changing studio setting, the visual highlights the inclusivity we all need in this world, with the entire crew that worked on it hailing from North & South America, Europe and Africa. Onscreen, a tri-lingual Deaf performer is seen, alongside 2 Trans-women (including “Lola Herself,” who was recently published for the 2nd time in Vogue Portugal) and 3 Gay men (including MDL CHLD). Offscreen, a Queer costumer designer, a Gay make up artist and a Queer choreographer worked on set, as well as a Deaf Black Female ASL Coach and a Deaf Caption artist, who worked on designing more visually appealing captions to entertain Deaf viewers. Rights Activist Nicole D’Amato also had her Greenscreen scenes filmed in Toronto by a BIPOC team, and – even though “Funk (About You)” marks her debut single – she perfectly showcases her potential as an artist.

MDL CHLD pka Chris Corsini is a massively talented artist, reshaping the accessibility and inclusivity in both the arts and spiritual communities. A Certified ASL/English interpreter, he has interpreted concerts for JayZ, Panic! At The Disco, Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers and more, while he creating a massive worldwide buzz with his Tarot readings and spiritual workshops, that are accessible for all.