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Meet Popular Singer Jena Rose!


Apr 26, 2018

Meet Popular Singer Jena Rose! We can’t stop dancing around our office to Sweet Love! We are obsessed with her, she is on tour right now with Echosmith! We got a chance to find out more about her, and learn what inspires her to create music, and do what she loves!

What was your inspiration for writing “Sweet Love”?
I wanted to write a song about a breakup, but that is uplifting and fun as well. Sweet Love is about living your life to the fullest after a bad relationship.

What inspires you to write and perform your own songs?
I initially started writing my own songs when I was 9 because I got tired of singing covers. There is no better feeling than singing your originals in front of an audience and seeing them resonate with them.

If you could work with any artist – who would it be?
I would absolutely LOVE to work with Ed Sheeran. He is an incredible writer and artist and I would be honored to work with him!

What helps with your writing process?  
Not thinking too much!! The best songs come from sitting down at the piano singing whatever you feel in the moment.

We know you are on tour right now, can you tell us where you have been so far? And what is was like?
Tour is absolutely amazing!! We’re a little over half way through and have been to some great places! My favorites have been Seattle, Chicago, and Toronto! I love exploring cities that I grew up going to and also cities I’ve never been to! It’s such a fantastic experience.

What city are you excited about performing in on your tour?
I’m looking forward to performing in Dallas since it’s my hometown and my friends/family will be there cheering me on!

What is your favorite song?  
My favorite song is “The Bay” by Metronomy. It is such a well written and feel good song that never gets old!

We love your fashion style, can you tell us three of your favorite designers and why?
My favorite designers are Dani Roxanne Nagel (Dazey LA), Laura Hall and Gillian Rose Kern (For Love and Lemons), and Alana Pallister (I.AM.GIA) because they are the powerful ladies behind some of my favorite clothing brands that are practical and adorable!

Who is the most texted person in your phone?
My boyfriend, Hunter Knoche!
Dream concert ticket (any band, any decade)?
Carole King! I grew up listening to her and she’s inspired me so much musically.

Career Icon?
Taylor Swift because she’s a boss who works so hard and has taken over the music industry!

Karaoke Anthem?
“I Love Rock n’ Roll” by Joan Jett!
Last movie watched?
Step Brothers! So funny!

What does Popular mean to you?
Popular to me means well liked and looked up to.

Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?
I just released my debut EP so I will be pushing that and continuing to write/record new music!!