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Is This the Next Great Breakup Song?


Mar 3, 2015

The most overlooked part of a breakup is the soundtrack.

After you’re done crying, screaming, and telling your friends what happened (again), you’re doomed to sit on your bed half-watching Friends on Netflix while flicking through Net-a-Porter shoes (comfort shopping, it works) and occasionally blurting out “I mean, really?!” to yourself, your teddy bear, or the ghost of a jerk in your head.

Expedite this stage of grief and move directly into the fits-of-rage phase with Meg Myers’ new song “Sorry.” It’s a growling anthem for “how could you” and “what the fuck” thoughts everywhere, and when played at full blast, it’s an excellent song for both dancing and throwing his shit out the window.

Now that’s a win-win.


  • Meg Myers, Courtesy of Atlantic Records

    Meg Myers was raised in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee