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Feb 22, 2016

Bi-coastal musician and entrepreneur Missy Modell has had her hands in all parts of the music industry. Not only is she a singer-songwriter, she writes for other artists, brands and startups. In the past, she’s collaborated with Timeflies, Kinetics/OneLove and Mike Stud, however her own music is now the focus. Late last week, she dropped a collaboration with icantwait in a mashup of “Rhythm of the Night”/”679″—one of her all-time favorite songs and a defining part of her youth. With a lot of change happening in her world, she thought throwing in Fetty Wap would represent the freedom of embracing your true self.

Below, Missy talks about her favorite 90s songs, vices and virtue. Plus, listen to her latest single below.

Favorite 90s songs: REALLY hard question. If I had to choose: “Rhythm of the Night,” “I’m a Dreamer,” and “Barbie Girl,” or, to make it easier, pretty much every song in Night At The Roxbury.

On covering “Rhythm of the Night”: See above question. But sincerely, this song has singlehandedly been one of my favorite songs ever since the 90s. It brings me back to trampolines, chia pets, and AOL. I’m always craving nostalgia and have been trying to figure out a way to bring my own flair to this amazing song.

Writing songs for the best in the biz: It initially started by way of collaboration (me singing the “hooks” on rapper’s songs, i.e. Kinetics and One Love/Mike Stud). As I was developing my personal project, it was obvious that I hadn’t quite found my “own” sound, so every song I wrote or sang, sounded like a different artist. I started pitching the songs that I didn’t find were a “good personal fit” and started to get more traction on my songwriting than my own artist records. I then moved to LA from New York several years ago (on a complete whim) with the intent of pursuing my artist project but then started getting booked for sessions to write for other people full-time. However, it’s been these experiences in writing for other artists (that I will continue to do) that have helped me to develop my craft, and ultimately allow me to discover the artist I want to be. When I’m not working on my personal project or writing for other artists, I am fully committed to running my company “Jingles For Apps” which provides original music/sound strategy for start-ups and major brands.

Currently listening to: I’m still not over my obsession with Years & Years (“Worship” is my jam). Other than that whole album, I’m loving on: “Kiss the Sky” from Wyclef Jean/The Knocks, “Me, Myself, and I” by G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha, and Lil Dicky’s “$ave Dat Money.”

Virtues: I’m very generous, I genuinely love connecting with people on a human level and I ask really good

Vices: I definitely have undiagnosed ADD, this often results in me zoning out and having about 20 unread texts at any given time; I have a slight addiction to Instagram, but don’t we all?

Style influences: Anything Reformation, Alexa Chung, yoga, Blake Lively and most things Parisian. I’m all about the collective inspo.