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Molly Moore Releases Immersive Single “Shy” Ahead Of Anticipated Forthcoming EP


Feb 5, 2022

Overflowing with emotional vulnerability and lots of charisma, Molly Moore’s colorful brand of pop music has taken her career to big heights over the past years, while she’s gearing up for her strongest one to date in 2022, having just shared her brand new single “Shy.“ Co-produced by artist and friend NoMBe and Mike Gonek (Torro Torro, Chris Brown, Grandtheft), “Shy” provides a glimpse into Molly Moore’s upcoming 4-track EP ‘Escapism,’ and masterfully showcases her style. Molly Moore has been releasing music since 2015, and unveiled her debut album ‘Voice on the Internet’ back in 2020, which included the post-break-up banger “Handsomer” featuring Maty Noyes, which was featured in Amazon’s ‘Jolt’ starring Kate Beckinsale.

Starting off with dreamy string melodies and otherworldly atmospheres, “Shy” transports listeners into another dimension from the very start, before Molly Moore’s sultry vocals take over, aided by a groovy beat and lively, funky instrumentation. “Shy” also comes alongside a stunning music video that further paints the picture of Molly Moore’s immersive and kaleidoscopic world, shot by Ashlyn Desroches.

“This song was written in a stream of consciousness,” explains Molly Moore in a press statement. “It was one of those times when I listened to the words I was naturally saying while writing the melodies and they fit exactly how I was feeling without really having to change too much. I was starting to feel a spark and wanted to know if the other person felt it too. It felt like they were holding back what they were feeling, and I wanted to know if I was just in it alone or if what I was feeling was real. In general, I think people should be encouraged to communicate more freely and honestly, and so often we hide our truth in an attempt to make someone else’s experience better, but we end up making the entire situation more complicated.”

Including her previous releases “Marco Polo” featuring NoMBe, as well as “Do They?,” Molly Moore’s upcoming EP is shaping up to be a landmark in her buzzing career, and we can’t wait to hear it when it is unveiled in full. Molly Moore is only getting started, yet has already achieved so much over the past years. Her music can be heard in a variety of commercials for brands such as Zales, Peloton, Toyota, and Jack in the Box, while it has also received synchronizations in Netflix’s ‘The Last Summer,’ MTV’s ‘Siesta Key,’ and ABC’s ‘Conviction.’ Additionally, she has greatly impacted the pop landscape from behind the scenes, writing for artists such as Jesse McCartney, EXO, Lea Michele, Robin Bengtsson, and composing children’s music for the Hasbro animated series ‘Hanazuki.’ As if all this wasn’t enough, she was also one-half of pop duo Cosmos & Creature, who were signed to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak, amassed almost 30 million collective streams, and performed alongside Dua Lipa, John Mayer, and Bebe Rexha.