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Music Monday: 10 Music Videos That Proves Lady Gaga Is Our Pop Icon


Mar 16, 2020

Today we woke up with the new cover of Paper Magazine in all social media, and guess who is featuring it?
Yes. The queen. Lady Gaga.
The editorial is very artistic and counts with Gaga being created by machines and being a robot.
Well, we can’t argue more!
Everything she does is not normal compared to a regular human being. Maybe she is a real robot, especially after stopping our hearts with her most recent video “Stupid Love.” The feeling is that our old Gaga is back.
She will be forever our pop icon, but having her back with the cool and very produced music videos and outfits that we would wear entirely just feel… right!
And safe.
And grateful.
And a lot of other feelings that we would be here describing them until the quarantine is over and we wouldn’t be over.

Having this in mind, we decided to do a throwback with Lady Gaga’s 10 best music videos – and why they are so amazing!
Let’s take advantage of this period everyone is at home and appreciates her.
Oh, and don’t forget to watch her documentary on Netflix, “Gaga: Five Foot Two”
Ready for Gaga’s avalanche?

1) Poker Face

Being one of the singles that launched her to the world, the music video looks very old when watched nowadays.The configuration still being the old version – that one when the YouTube wasn’t full screen yet.
It is funny to watch this video today because she is literally wearing costumes that today is a trend. And she was called weird by many people those days.
The world turns around, huh?!
Gaga, we always thought you are a diva!

2) Just Dance

Among with Poker Face, Just Dance is the other single that helped Gaga in her career.
If you never watched, please go NOW.
This is a pop anthem!

3) Bad Romance

Well, no words to explain this piece of art!
Starting with the “monsters” getting out of their futuristic coffins, the music video transmits the feeling of ET’s, weird creatures and a world in which everything is built.
Cool critique for the world we live in now.

4) Paparazzi

The video is about a love story and a woman that will do everything for fame.
With iconic outfits, including a huge reference for Madonna’s bra, this music video is a great option if you want to build fashion and music references.

5) Telephone

Oh, lord, who will forget this moment of the music industry when our two queens got together for a song?
The video clip is just a masterpiece and counts with the Queen B rescuing gaga from the prison. If you are looking for cool outfIts and a huge location variety, that’s it!
Oh, and we are still waiting for the second part okay, Gaga and B?! You promised!

6) Alejandro

Who will forget this intense music video?
A passionate crime, abusive relationship and critiques for the catholic church are some of the subjects pictured on the story.

7) Born This Way

As always, Lady Gaga critiques de church and many other subjects of society.
Already on the first verse, Gaga says “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M. Just put your paws up ’cause you were born this way, baby”, in other words, you don’t have to9 change yourself because the church says you have.
Outrageous, right?!

8) Judas

Everyone knows that, in biblical history, Jesus was betrayed by Judas, right?!
Well, in this video, Gaga recreates this moment of history.
The final result count with handsome guys and a special feature of Norman Reedus, as Judas.

9) G.U.Y

Considered one of the most artistic music videos of Gaga’s career, this “short-film” puts the singer as a phenomenal creature.
The art direction is just beautiful and the production is insane!
The special peak is for the scene of Gaga dancing in the pool.

10) Stupid Love

Well, here we are!
Her latest project that shows our Gaga from al those videos above still here.
Please. No words.
Just watch it.