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Your Next Favorite Songs: July 2015


Jul 1, 2015

From the tracks already sitting pretty atop Hype Machine, to the ones just starting to generate buzz, our July playlist truly spans all the bases. There’s soulful pop goddess Alex Winston; there’s hip-hop upstart Tink; and then, there’s newcomer Kiiara, who’s won shoutouts from the likes of Chloe Moretz for her gorgeous melancholic sound. Oh, and did we mention, those are just the beginning?!

The artists might all differ in sound and scope, but these 28 musicians each share an irresistible common thread — they make the kind of tunes that you’ll want to listen to on loop (and then tell your friends to check out ASAP, too). Start your July 4th weekend with the next big things in music and hit “play” on our mixtape here.