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nimino Shares New Gem “Clouds” Feat. Ro Nova, Preparing For His Anticipated Debut Album


Jun 25, 2021

A massively talented producer with a strong visual identity, nimino is gearing up for his highly anticipated debut album Rooms on the Ark, sharing the final single “Clouds” featuring vocals from Ro Nova. With his smooth instrumentals and exciting vocal features, nimino is crafting intimate music that blends the barrier between electronic and lo-fi, and has amassed over 20 million streams across platforms to date.

Starting out his career by carefully experimenting in order to find his own distinct style and sound, nimino amassed a loyal following on SoundCloud, before transitioning some of his old releases to Spotify and truly coming into his own as an artist. In mid-2019, he was taken under the wing of massive chill-out tastemaker TheSoundYouNeed, who released his last two EPs. The two projects received massive acclaim from critics, front page Spotify support in Brussels, Paris, Bulgaria, Lichtenstein, Estonia, Lithuania and South Africa, as well as radio play from the likes of Radio 1, 6, 1xtra, Beats 1, and many more.

nimino’s brand new single “Clouds“ follows previously released album teasers such as “Where I’m At“ with Harrison Mayo and “What I Want” featuring Tori Romo, all boasting an ethereal, synth-driven and undeniably pop-friendly sound. Ro Nova’s vocal performance truly takes the minimal instrumental to the next level, perfectly complimenting nimino’s sharp sound design, organic percussion and warm kicks.

“Final single off my debut album, this track represents the rear deck of the conceptual Ark. It features the beautiful vocals of Ro Nova, soon before she is set to receive mentorship from Kamille & Fred Again. This track is made to fit both club, and lounge settings. A really bouncy, energetic stuttering synth line that you can dance your legs off to, combined with the calming laid back vocal line for those who just wanna tap their foot and chill. The perfect way to end the single rollout, and the perfect precursor to the album and the rest of “the Ark,” explains nimino.