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On The Record


Apr 14, 2015

Every Tuesday, hundreds of new albums are released all over the world. And every Tuesday, we find ourselves searching Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes trying to figure out how to stream all of our favorites. But now everyone can stop doing that, because each week we’re rounding up the best batch of new music in one easy place — complete with streaming links, so all you have to do is press play. You’re welcome.

Florence + The Machine, “Ship To Wreck“: Reason #53531 to wish you were at Coachella: Witnessing Florence Welch reveal a surprise premiere of this video to the festival crowd. Shot in her own home, this clip offers a beautiful look at the universally human process of self-destruction. As she puts it, “I was thinking about my own self destructive side, and how you can make something only to tear it down, enjoy/destroy, create/devastate etc. When you’re in that whirlwind, you often end up breaking the thing you love the most.” Leave it to Welch to transforms something devastating into a song — and a video — this epic. Her new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful drops next month (finally!), so go ahead and start counting down now.

Joywave, How Do you Feel Now?: These guys aren’t afraid to take their sweet time making something perfect. After all, the Rochester band first joined force back in 2010 — and five years later, they’re gearing up to their debut album. Judging from the LP’s tripped-out lead single “Tongues,” it’s been well worth the wait. With a guitar-driven, power-pop sound, these are the types of tracks intended for arena tours and massive dance parties. And we’ll have plenty of chances to do so, since Joywave will be hitting the road with everyone from Bleachers to The Kooks in the upcoming months.

Passion Pit, Kindred : Passion Pit’s trademark ’80s-tinged synth pop comes injected with an extra dose of nostalgia on their latest album, Kindred. With chirpy choruses and ultra-polished pop melodies, don’t be surprised if the songs sound a bit familiar… but who says that’s a bad thing? If you’re looking for an uplifting Tuesday anthem, search no further.

Speedy Ortiz, Foil Deer: The Boston group prefers to make their tracks a little rough around the edges, and they’ve cranked up the garage rock  factor big time for their sophomore album. There’s just something about listening to lead singer Sadie Dupuis snarl lyrics like “Sealing all your kiss with poison” on full blast that instantly makes any afternoon seem more badass.

Ryn Weaver, “The Fool”: The budding California pop star delivered a one-two punch this week when she not only announced her highly anticipated debut album The Fool, she also dropped the title track. This lush single is a bit slower and more heartfelt than her breakout hit “Octahate,” but no less addictive. Listen below, then mark your calendar for June 16 for the LP release — trust us, you’re going to want this one.


  • Florence Welch, shot by Tom Beard