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On the Verge: gg magree


May 29, 2015

“These days, everyone wants to be a DJ!” says Australian record spinner Georgia Magree. “They see it as a super-easy way to make money, be famous, and tour the world, which is so wrong. To me, being a DJ is about trying to teach people how and why music is my everything by taking them on a journey and also putting on one hell of a performance. My aim in every show is to have every single person dripping in sweat.” 

Not that touring the globe isn’t a perk. From Chinese Laundry in Sydney, where she scored her first club night, to Hu’u Bar in Bali, where she recently played a “bananas” New Year’s Eve show, Magree’s ability to amp up crowds from London to Abu Dhabi has caused her to flourish on an international scale. “I’ve made some amazing friends and have spent time with big names in the industry, which is really inspiring,” she says, mentioning Baauer (who she played with on New Year’s Day), Skrillex, Banks, Grandtheft, RL Grime, Flosstradamus, and Australian acts Taku, Slumberjack, and NLV as her peers and influencers.

Fueled by equal parts vodka and bass, DJ Magree gigs get physical—“In Bali, I had girls jumping on shoulders and trying to grab me!” she says—which is why you’ll rarely catch her in heels. “I dress super tomboy—big tees, bike tights, and platform Spice Girl wedges,” she explains. “When I was little, my mum would bribe me with McDonald’s to get me to wear dresses.” A natural athlete, Magree earned her black belt in tae kwon do at age 16, and in high school, she was a celebrated ski champ. After graduation, she went on to study property economics, but it was a sideline throwing house parties at college that ultimately became her vocation. “I would spend the majority of the night taking music requests, so one night I decided to give DJing a go. I instantly fell in love with it,” she says. “From there, I would play gigs in bars or fashion stores to teach myself.” 

Eventually, she developed a sound all her own. “You can 100 percent booty-pop to it,” She says. “It’s slightly aggressive, but with a female touch.” The same can be said of her feminist-leaning collective Yeah Pussy!, which has spawned its own merch line. “Yeah Pussy! is my posse that comes along when I DJ to fuck shit up,” she explains. “It’s a female movement; it’s about representing for females in the creative industry.”

This year will see the release of Magree’s first EP in the U.S. “I am so, so, so excited,” she says. “I’m working with people I’ve dreamed of working with.” Not only that, but there are new lands to conquer, too. “L.A., baby!” She shrieks with glee. “I’m moving my ass to America.”


  • Photographed by Dakota Gordon