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Album Premiere: The Sandwitches


May 28, 2015

First, the bad news: The Sandwitches‘ new album, Our Toast, will be their last. Yes, it’s a complete bummer that the San Francisco trio is eventually stopping their self-described brand of “self-centered sad pop.” But don’t worry, there’s good news, too — because we have the exclusive premiere of the ladies’ final LP right here, and it’s really, really awesome.

Brimming with emotion, the rock record comes infused with a slight folksy twang and a cool, eerie vibe that reminds us of Twin Peaks mixed with True Detective. Oh, and the fact that it was recorded by SF music master Kelley Stoltz is just a bonus.

This is a record meant to soundtrack blustery days at the beach, late night chill sessions, and everything in between. So June gloom, bring it on! Check out what Heidi Alexander, Grace Cooper, Roxanne Young have to say about their third album below, and listen to the exclusive premiere right here.

What’s the story behind this album? How did it come about/where was it recorded?
Roxanne: We recorded at Kelley Stoltz’s studio in San Francisco beginning in September 2012. We had a bunch of songs we had been playing for some time and wanted to get a third full length album out before we went our separate ways.

What sorts of things inspired the sound of the album?
Heidi: Love lives and friendships. The years in which the band existed were really pretty complicated, especially the last bit. I think more than other records of ours the sounds are a reflection of our individual and combined states of mind at the time. I think we were incapable of doing anything else.

Why did you decide this was an appropriate time to end the project?
Roxanne: The end had been in the works for some time. Kind of like a long term relationship that you know isn’t going to lead to marriage and babies because all parties involved want different things. But looking back for me always conjures good memories and a lot of growth.

Although you guys are ending The Sandwitches, what’s next for you?
Roxanne: I am working on a fiber art series called “Girls” as Roxanne Roxanne Young Designs and sell handmade wall art and jewelry on Etsy. I also have a solo music project called Roxanne Roxanne that I put a cassette out on Portland-based label Cassingle and Loving It!.

Heidi: I’ve been doing recording projects and tours here and there as Earth Girl Hellen Brown and Pruno Truman, but most of that is on the back burner for now.  I am two thirds through a graduate degree in architecture from UCLA, which has been my main focus.

Grace: I’m working on a new album and Empty Cellar may put out an album from a little while back I did that nobody has heard — that’ll be exciting. Keep drawing. Get out of retail someday, and keep building my cat family.