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Phoebe Ryan Teams Up With Jaymes Young


May 26, 2015

Phoebe Ryan must have superpowers — seriously. The 24-year-old musician somehow boasts the ability to turn life’s craziest, awesomest, and downright suckiest moments into shimmery pop gold. We’ve heard her crooning about how life is like a dream in “Dead”; we’ve heard her discover the silver lining to a broken heart in “Mine; and yes, we’ve even heard her make R.Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” sultrier than we ever thought possible. But now the emerald-haired singer is taking us into uncharted territory with her latest release, “We Won’t.”

She’s teamed up with producer and musician Jaymes Young on the smoky-sounding track, in which they hash out a breakup using alternating vocals and sentimental pop melodies. There’s no beating around the bush here, either.  With lyrics like, “I’m not the one that you want me to be/ Don’t call me up at 2AM tonight,” the song’s heartbreak factor is high. In fact, you could say that it’s basically the “defining the relationship” talk that every couple dreads — but it still soars, thanks to Ryan’s breathy vocals and the sensitive, swaying beat. Who knew a breakup song could actually sound so gorgeous? Listen above and prepare to fall head over heels with “We Won’t.”

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