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Popular Guys: Ivan & Emilio Martinez


Apr 24, 2020

If you are looking for a song that will immediately make you dance, your problems have been solved! Ivan & Emilio Martinez’s (The Martinez Twins) new single “Paraíso” is everything you needed for this quarantine: lively and dancing beats, electrifying voices, and the immediate feeling of being on the beach basking in the sun.

Being part of their forthcoming EP, which is set to release this summer, the single transmits energy and shows that their EP will be insane!

Before the world took a vacation, we got to chat with them about their new upcoming projects, favorite concerts, and a few embarrassing memories. Keep reading to see what they had to say!


1. Tell us about your new upcoming project?

Emilio & Ivan: Music is our new project… actually it’s been our passion since we were little. We are gonna share our music, our feelings (both sad and happy moments), and our pleasures. We have been waiting for this so long and now we feel it’s the right time. 


2. For people who have a hard time telling you apart, how do you help them?

I: I always say you have 50% to get the right answer, but my family says it’s that I’m the “bad twin” and Emilio the “good twin”. 

E: I  always tell them I have birthmark on my elbow but it doesn’t really work ahaha.


3. We know you’re big into music. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I: My biggest inspiration has always been Enrique Iglesias. I look up to him a lot because he’s a really good singer and also from my country, Spain.

E: I love Michael Jackson. He has been my idol since I was 6 years old. I listened and danced to all his songs. Right now I have a bunch of favorite artists, but J Balvin is number one so far.


4. If you could plan the ultimate festival, who would be three headlining acts?

I:   Maluma

     – Enrique Iglesias 

     – Los Martínez 

E: – J Balvin

     – Ozuna

     – Los Martinez


5. Best concert you’ve ever been to?

I: Last summer we got invited from W&W for his concert at the Barcelona Beach Festival. We jumped on stage, we danced… it was crazy! My favorite concert ever. 

E: In summer 2017 we got invited to Premios Juventud in Miami. It was an amazing, best experience ever. We got pranked by J Balvin, we watched the whole show, met a lot of artist like Gente de Zona, did the red carpet and more. It was amazing. Since that time we knew that music was our world.


6. An embarrassing moment?

I: I have a lot of embarrassing moments, I’m the clumsy twin… but I remember one, I was probably 15 years old… I was playing soccer with all the kids from middle school and all the girls were looking at us, like watching the match. So they passed me the ball and I kinda felt like I was on the stage, everyone was looking at me… then I stepped on the ball to control it, but I fell. All of them were laughing, the girls too.. I felt really embarrassed.

E: I remember we did a meet and greet with fans in LA, more than 3000 people showed and we were playing some songs with friends. I remember everyone told me to jump into the crowd, that they were gonna hold me… so I decided to jump. I disappeared into the crowd and got stuck. It was so embarrassing, but I also enjoyed it. We had a great time.


7. Your proudest moment?

I: First day I got in LA. I will never forget that moment. My brother and I fought a lot to get there with no money but you just gotta dream it, and it will happen. 

E: I will never forget when we first jumped on stage by ourselves, The Martinez Twins, in Paraguay, where we did a show, for more than 8000 people. Just 15 minutes, we danced with the crowd, it was amazing. When we got off of the stage my energy was like, I don’t wanna ever leave the stage, I don’t wanna leave my fans, I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT.


8. What is your dream?

I: I wanna share all my feelings. I wanna give fans those songs that you play and you start feeling hyped, feeling like you are the boss of the club…and also wanna share the songs when I’m sad and I can’t say it with words. Music is my passion. 

E: my dream is to make my passion my job, do it every day, feel it, get crazy with it, love it, enjoy it and share it with our fans.


9. TikTok or Instagram?

I: Good question. I like to take pictures and model but on TikTok you can create you own moments and give feelings with songs.. Can’t decide I love both 

E: I love videos and I like to be creative, so TikTok.


10. Most famous person in your phone?

I:  Raheem Sterling (Soccer Player) 

E: Juan Magan (Singer) 


11. What is the coolest place you’ve gotten to visit?

I: Mykonos, Greece 

E: Hawaii 


12. What is something you wish more people would ask you about?

I: About my feelings. 

E: My family 


13. Can you tell us a secret?

I: In my free time I make cakes. I love to cook 

E: In my free time I make pineapple pizza 


14. What does Popular mean to you?

I: Popular for me means that you are doing something that people like or admire. 

E: Popular for me means that you are successful for what you are doing and people look up to you. 


15. Can you tell us about any other projects you can tell us about?

Emilio & Ivan: I like to keep my projects as a secret… I’ll give you a hint… It’s time for the Martinez twins to take over haha


You can follow Ivan on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter as well as Emilio on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter!


Also stream Paraíso, which just released!



  • Photographer Brian Overend @brianoverend