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#PopularPlay: Clover the Girl


Jun 30, 2020

Small town Texas musician Clover the Girl proves everyone does it bigger (and better) in the Lone Star State with her epic vocals and infectious, almighty alt-pop tunes. Brianna ‘Bri’ Conrado is the gritty powerhouse behind the addictive, catchy hooks and power-pop tracks such as ‘O.K. Fine’ and ‘Don’t Get It.’ 

It comes as no surprise that ‘O.K. Fine’ has accumulated more than 1 million Spotify streams, and her recent music video for ‘Don’t Get It’ triumphantly debuted on Billboard. There is no doubt Clover the Girl is making strides towards success (and destroying our ‘replay’ button in the meantime).

Before moving to Los Angeles, Bri was a college student sitting through biomedical science lectures at Texas A&M University. She decided to drop out once she realized the music scene was a haven to be whoever she desired, and additionally, write about whatever the heck she wants. What gravitates listeners towards Clover the Girl are her honest, transparent lyrics touching on themes of mental health, insecurities, and destroying the expectation of “the ideal woman.”

Get to know Clover the Girl and all of the badassery she exudes in this Popular Play interview where we learn more about Bri’s pivotal decision to pursue music full-time, her journey thus far, and what fans can look forward to next.

1. Give us a glimpse into your musical upbringing. Who or what initially influenced your passion for music?

Music was the first escape and the deepest bond in my immediate family. My brother was in a lot of rock bands and was the coolest person on earth. I always liked singing and making music and putting on little shows in the living room with my siblings but really found my passion for it when I realized I wasn’t great at sports or doing flips.


2. You began releasing music in 2016. Which of your songs is your favorite, and why?

My favorite song of mine is “Filter This.” Part of my brain hates everything I make regardless of whether it’s objectively “good” or not. I love the young woman who listened to her soul long enough to drown out her brain. When I decided to start writing for Clover the Girl, I had a level of fearlessness that I don’t know. And I’m grateful for all of the angst and big feelings that pushed that song out!


3. You majored in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University before dropping out. Was there a pivotal moment that made you realize you wanted to pursue music full-time?

I started attending metal shows in college, and the energy and noise changed everything. Moshing! Screaming! Crying! It was a whole new (welcoming) world and one that I loved. I started working in this music scene because I felt I could be whoever I wanted there. I couldn’t help but create my own music after a while of that.


4. What has the transition been like from small-town Texas to the City of Angels?

It feels like going where the warmth is. There are parts of home I can accept more than ever now. I listened to George Strait everyday my first 90 days in LA.


5. You give off major Avril Lavigne vibes in your recent music video for “Don’t Get It,” which debuted on Billboard! What inspired the idea and message behind the video?

The idea was inspired by the fact that I could go through years of home ec class and still wouldn’t feel like I’m the “right” kind of woman. There isn’t one. This song is about walking away when someone doesn’t understand you, your dreams, or your vision instead of trying to force them to see what you do. I am very proud of this video and couldn’t have made it without Jennifer Johnson (director), who gets me on every level!


6. Your tattoos are totally worth mentioning. Can you tell us the significance of your favorite one?

My favorite tattoo is significant because it represents me taking a gamble on myself and also on another person. We got these tattoos the day before my first song was released.


7. Tell us something you want your new listeners to know about you. 

Community and human connection is my number one priority in music right now. I cannot keep anything that I don’t give away. I also want to apologize to any artist or creative mind who has ever dealt with a competitive spirit from me. I recognize that my voice shouldn’t be the loudest right now. My experience and feelings are valid, but I want to create space for and lift up voices of marginalized groups, particularly gender-nonconforming and queer artists of color – the artists who keep me inspired and deserve the spot and recognition I’ve always had to work less for.


8. What’s next for Clover the Girl?

I may or may not be exploring different genres and eras and writing an entire album! Stay tuned!


Be sure to stream Clover the Girl’s latest EP Even If It Hurts and watch her music video for “Don’t Get It” and keep up with @cloverthegirl on Instagram