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Photography: Kadeem Ellis


Oct 1, 2020

Musician and model Adonis Bosso, known to the world of Instagram as @septumpapi, dropped a double release for his new single “No More” today that includes a transformative animated video starring himself and model and real-world partner Slick Woods. The space-age video gives nod to the classic sci-fi action film, The Matrix, but instead of knowledge or bliss the character is forced to make a decision about his relationship. Bosso stated “I wanted this to look like something my younger self would want to watch and something my son would grow up to be proud of.”

Pulling inspiration from his West African roots, Bosso is fusing influences to create a brand of emotive R&B that allow for his truest self to be seen even opting to perform some songs in French. His lyrics dive into his experience with fatherhood, love and loss. His latest release explores the boundaries of which we are willing to go in a relationship. Droning over the chorus, Bosso sings about the possibility of leaving a relationship where he feels unacknowledged but feels inclined to stay. The Matrix references comes in full effect as the lyrics are applied to the bliss of staying or truly acknowledging the pain felt regardless of the outcome.

Of the song, Bosso explains, “It’s about choosing, do you stay or leave when you have been hurt? When me and [producer] IkxnnX met up to make this record, we both were in unsure points in our respective relationships. It’s only after making the beat and finishing writing the song that we talked about our personal experience and understood the real meaning of the song.”

The Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) born and Montreal-raised artist who began writing with poems about his experiences, has now grown and progressed to creating with some of the most talented names in music including Maxwell, Theophilus London, Chromeo and Diana Gordon. Since then, the artist has accumulated close to half a million streams on his currently released singles and with a following of over 16 thousand monthly listeners.

Beyond the music, Bosso doubles as a multihyphenate adding modeling and humanitarianism to his resume. An accomplished model, Bosso has worked on campaigns for Versace, Vivienne Wetstwood, and Beyonce’s Ivy Park. In 2014, Bosso founded Centre D’Integration TSA, a non-profit organization with his family inspired by his autistic brother and his struggles. “I grew up in a really big family, I’m the oldest of five kids,” Bosso said to Paper in 2018. “One of my brothers has autism. Growing up with a sibling who is autistic made me mature faster. It already takes a village to raise a child, but families with autistic children need additional support. I saw that my parents really needed the help and it eventually pushed me to go study special care counseling.” The center is considered a safe haven for kids with mental and physical impairment. Bosso has plans to expand these centers to both Toronto and the U.S.

Bosso spoke with Popular TV to discuss his newest single and influences.


1. In what way does your newest single “No More” represent who you are as an artist right now?

Since 2016, I’ve recorded a lot of songs that I am really proud of. I feel like ‘No More’ lives in a universe that I am comfortable to present at the beginning of my journey. I feel like from here I can grow at a nice pace.

2. When do you feel most present?

In nature, I can take a moment to tap into the frequency of the earth and take a moment of gratitude.

3. Born in Côte d’Ivoire, what West African concepts or inspirations do you still carry with you?

The sense of family is a great part of everything I do. I want to make my family proud and set a positive example for my siblings.

4. What measures did you go through to find your voice as an artist? 

I spent the last 4 years experimenting and learning about music, songwriting, focusing on guitar a bit more, and training. All to get in a comfortable place with my voice and my music. I think quarantine and the time at home gave me a moment to dive in.

5. Fashion and music are both forms of art. How does one translate over to the next for you?

I feel like fashion is a way to help express other artist’s visions. I feel with music I have a little more freedom to express myself and I control the narrative and the thing I want to say. Two great forms of expression and creation.

6. A large part of your trademark is your septum. What moved you to that particular piercing?

It was 2011 and was cool and different at the time. It makes me stand out and reminds me of African face piercings. It’s also easy to hide so my parents wouldn’t know.

7. From Africa to Canada to the US, what different forms of assimilation or culture did you have to face? 

There’s a sense of community we have in the motherland that we don’t have anywhere else. The whole neighborhood takes care of each other in some way back home and there is a sense of individualism in the rest of the world. I’m lucky to have a big family to keep me grounded and connected to my roots.

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