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#PopularPlay: Airports


Jun 15, 2020

The most eclectic – and stylish – artist is here! Airports is our #PopularPlay from today and we couldn’t be happier.
With a new single called “U Feel It 2”, the singer told us a little bit about the creative process, inspirations, and how he recorded the music video of “DON’T SLEEP ANYMORE”.
Oh, and the best thing ever: He told us the secret to keeps himself so stylish and on-trend – We are jealous! 

1. Tell us about your song “U FEEL IT 2”. What is it about?

When I started writing U FEEL IT 2 the lyrics were about feeling stuck in a relationship with a personal vice… depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. But while writing it I realized some of the lyrics were positive feelings, about being drawn into a relationship with a loved one. So now the song has two ways of being perceived – as a love song or as a song about a darker battle. I think the dichotomy of this being left up to the listener to interpret is great.

2. You’ve recently launched “DON’T SLEEP ANYMORE”, which has a very cool and interesting vibe. How was the shooting? 

Thank you. The shooting of the DSA video was fun! I wanted to see what I could achieve just shooting a video at home with a minimal budget, so I purchased a cheap projector off eBay (which blew up after we finished shooting, thankfully) and shot it with 2 friends and my girlfriend. I love how it came out and it was perfect timing with the pandemic home isolation. 

3. You have a very unique style – Fashion and musical. What are your inspirations? 

To be honest it’s a very mixed bag. I grew up on punk rock and hip hop and was also an EDM DJ for some time so I guess they’re all in the mix. Visually I really love 80’s horror & sci-fi film aesthetic, you can see that reflected in my single artworks. I feel like I have two sides of me personally and creatively – a darker (like in DSA) character who is lost and searching for answers, and a lighter poppier side (like in UF2). 

4. If you could wish anything now, what would it be? 

That everyone would be more self-aware and empathetic. 

5. If you have the opportunity. To work with your music icon, who it would be, and why?

Michael Jackson if he were alive. His creativity, no cap is the ultimate inspiration. 

6. Tell us your secret to keep your hair so stylish! Haha

Haha, thanks! I’m half Asian so it’s very straight and thick. I don’t do much to it except add some pomade so it doesn’t get puffy.

7. Tell us about your upcoming projects. Are you planning to launch an EP? New songs? We want to know everything! 

More singles are on the way, very soon!!

Ok, Populars, now you have two new tasks: Stream “U Feel It 2” obviously, and follow Airports all over social media <3

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