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Sep 17, 2020

Nashville based alternative group Betcha is gearing up for the release of their sophomore EP ‘Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before’, releasing on Friday, October 16, but the journey isn’t without a few surprises. Their new single “Déjà Vu” which released today is a production day dream. Intricately blending the barrier between alternative, electronic, and modern pop with a vintage twinge, the band sings of falling into a familiar pattern within a relationship.

Quickly positioning themselves as an act to watch of 2019, the group isn’t relying on a few singles to get by. Racking up millions of streams on each song of their debut EP, the band is most known for EP standout, California.

Betcha is unlike any other band this decade with an anthemic way with words, the band creates a nostalgic atmosphere around their sound making the music feel almost out of time with how well they are able to enrapture the soul and grit of the genre. Popular TV talked with the band about their debut EP and what’s next for the band.


1. Tell us about your new single, ‘Déjà Vu’. 

Deja Vu is about the predictability that can come from a relationship playing on routine. The lack of stress about falling apart because you know you will circle back again and again.


 2. Your EP “Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before” is almost here. What can we expect?

We wrote the song back in January with our friend Nick Bailey. Most of the song came to us in just a couple hours. I think the first lyric that came to me was the chorus lyrics “Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before” which really gave us a clear vision for the song, and even ended up being the EP Title.


3. Do you have a favorite song from the EP?

Theres a new one coming out with the EP called “Talking To Myself” that’s way different than anything we’ve put out yet. It’s definitely has a sound that we’re gonna keep chasing as we continue to grow.


4. How long have you been working on this EP? Did you have any challenges?

We put out our last EP “Falling” in September of 2019 so have basically been writing this one immediately after we finished those recordings. Some of the ideas or lyrics might be a bit older but everything is pretty much less than a year old. We had originally planned on finishing it back in March before our spring tour but everything got put on hold with Covid. We ended up finishing a couple of the tracks from our basement and sending everything to our producer JT Daly. Trying to record in quarantine was definitely challenging at times, but luckily we all live together so it made finishing it remote a lot easier.


5. Tell us about July’s music video. How was the creative/shooting process?

The July music video was another thing that got thrown off course by Covid. We originally planned to shoot the whole thing in an abandoned prison with dozens of extras. We stuck with the original theme of moving for darkness to light, but ended up doing most of it in our house. The craziest shots from the video just sort of happened by chance. Since we didn’t have the entire prison narrative to work with we hit up our friend Max Lennox to come shoot a bunch of lasers in our living room. We’d basically shot all the music video and were just messing around late at night and ended up stumbling across some super crazy laser shots that we put throughout the entire video.


6. You are from Nashville, a city that breathes music. Do you feel that there is a natural pressure from the industry for you being from there?

For sure. We all went to Belmont University which is a big music school, so we’ve pretty much been surrounded by next level musicians since we’ve moved here. I don’t know if we feel a pressure just because we’re from Nashville, but we do feel like if we can find a way to stand out in a town with so many creative and talented people then we’ll be doing something right.


7. Who is/are your biggest inspirations in music?

Right now, I think we’re really inspired by people who are taking risks and stretching themselves to find something new. We’re big 1975 fans, and watching them push the envelope on what bands can do has been super inspirational. Currently listening to a lot of Still Woozy, Lennon Stella, and new The Killers & The Strokes records.


8. What can you tell us about the band’s upcoming plans?

Of course, we’re ready to tour tour tour as soon as its safe to do so. We’re constantly writing new music so until then we’ll keep putting out music to keep tryn comfort people through all this craziness. I think we’re finally at a place where we’re ready to start really diving in on our first album. We have so many tracks that just haven’t felt right for an EP that we’ve been holding onto for a bit. We’ve been just trying to get to a place where we feel worthy of making a full-length and we’re hoping thats what we can tackle next!


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