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#PopularPlay: Börni


May 12, 2020

#PopularPlay is here and we’re so excited to introduce Börni!

She may be a born and raised Swiss, but singer-songwriter Börni is definitely embracing that American lifestyle. From gospel and classical beginnings through emo and all the way to hiphop, this artist has shown so much of her self to the world. 

The artist not only signed to Sony Music in 2007, but she’s also released multiple albums, had a chart topping single, and made music with 4x Grammy nominated songwriter and producer, Linda Perry. 

In her new project ‘New Heights’, Börni really brings in a fresh sound with notes of pop and dance with some underlying hip-hop influences. 

Keep reading to find out about he new project, growing up in Switzerland, working with producer Synematik, and one of her pretty cool secrets? 


1. Tell us about your new release, “New Heights”! 

I wrote the song with Synematik, Taylor Hill, and Lucius Page from the PageBrothers. We thought about what it took for us to get to the point where we were, at the time. We all faced major obstacles and challenges in life and overcame them when it would’ve been so easy to just give up, but we kept pushing and remained focused on making progress. And that’s what the lyrics are about. New Heights was inspired by the struggles that I or anyone else who has a dream goes through. Those struggles either make you or break you, and New Heights is about what is possible when you don’t give up. I think it’s a unique new sound with fresh, futuristic notes of pop blended with underlying hip-hop influences. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!


2. What is something you want to say with your music?

Dream big is one of the main messages I want to get out there. So many people have a passion or a talent for something but fear, and just life, in general, is holding them back. With my songs, I definitely want to encourage people to think bigger, to chase their dreams, and to do it no matter what other people say. There’s a lot of fun energy involved as well.


3. You performed at the Zürich Opera House when you were only six?! How did that happen?

 Yes! My two older brothers inspired me to copy them, so when they picked their instruments, I started playing violin at only three years old as well. When they joined the Zürcher Sängerknaben Boys’ choir, I obviously couldn’t follow them as a girl, but my parents would enroll me in the prestigious Zürich Opera House children’s choir at 6 years old. Being on stage every week helped me discover my passion for music and for singing.


4. How has growing up in Switzerland influenced your music?

 Swiss people are very diligent, perseverant, and humble. These principles are definitely influences in my lyrics and my approach when writing songs. The American lifestyle, on the other hand, taught me to dream bigger and think outside the box. The mixture between both Swiss and American culture would lead me to the music I create today, and I’m so excited about it.


5. You started out doing and performing classical musical go gospel choirs. How did that turn into a love for hip-hop? 

 I’ve always been curious about all types of music and was never afraid to try them. Anything from classical to Rock to Pop to Alt to Urban, I’d find what I loved about it and use that in my own development. That curiosity led me to the sound I have today, which is a fusion of all my favorite inspirations. The hip-hop influence is definitely noticeable in New Heights


6. Tell us a secret?

 I used to perform in a circus. ;-)


7. What does popular mean to you?

 Well, to me, popular means the general mass (or at least a large group) of people can identify who you are or what you do. Hopefully, it’s for a good thing! :)


8. Can you tell us about any other projects you have coming up?

Well, I can say I am soooo ready to release my new music with fun, cool visuals, starting with New Heights. And if the people like New Heights, they will definitely vibe with the upcoming singles as they all are amazing productions by dope producers such as Synematik who produced this current single and influenced a lot of my sound. For the most up to date info, people can follow me on IG, FB or TikTok, and their favorite streaming service to see what’s coming! And by the way, thank you for the love and support!
Keep up Börni on Twitter and Instagram @boernimusic! Go on… they’re clickable.

Check out New Heights right here!



  • Photographer Joe Sciacca @joesciaccaphotography