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Nov 5, 2020

The title of Caity Krone‘s debut EP doesn’t begin to describe the meticulous arrangement of grace, lyricism, and painstaking emotions felt within the record.

‘Work of Art’, if only for a glance, somehow elegantly articulates the thoughts and emotions of our hazy understanding of love. The five track EP is filled with nods to folk, classic rock, and pop music.

On inspiration for the EP, Krone explained, “Work of Art is about the way a person can sometimes feel like the undercurrent of your entire life. About adoring them while also being overly critical of them to try and shake yourself out of wanting them, about finding ways to reclaim your own confidence, your own magic, because it feels like you’ve had it all on the back burner for so long.”

Within the record, Krone is able to transform her tear-brimming lyrics into a haven, allowing our minds to truly explore and live within the music. With such as youthful and yet all-knowing grasp, Krone is able to relay these messages with a certain maturity and vulnerability tot her audience.

Keep reading for interview with Krone as we talk about the journey she took with her debut EP and how she finds inspiration.


1. Congrats on your debut EP ‘Work of Art’! What did the journey to this release look like?

It’s my first body of work as an artist, so the process was very much trying to find the beginnings of myself as a writer. Trying to write like my heroes, realizing I could never imitate their voices, then finding my own within the cracks of that.


2. There are so many incredible lines in this EP like ‘borrowing your dreams has left me lonely now’. What is your favorite line from the project?

Thank you so much. That one is definitely one of my favorites too and encapsulates a lot of what the EP is about. Over time, when you give so much of our hearts and ourselves to someone, sometimes you don’t realize that all of your energy is going into helping them realize their dreams, and yours go on the back burner.


3. What is something specifically that you want to highlight on this project that maybe overlooked by the average listener?

Oh wow, that’s a great question. I guess everything that’s there is quite obvious – there aren’t any hidden funky sounds that you wouldn’t hear on first listen. Something interesting to me is that ‘I’ve Been Lonely’ has the earliest and most recent vocals on the EP. The majority of the lead vocal is the demo vocal from the day Eian and I wrote it, but when I brought the demo in to producer Will Van Boldrik, he sort of said to me “this song needs a bridge, and you need to admit that this whole song is a fantasy of something you’re holding out for, not something you have”, so we then recorded the bridge part that goes “crashing, I’ve been underwater since we met”, and so that part was recorded at the end of 2019.


4. Are there any songs currently out that you wish you would’ve written?

So Far Away by Carole King or Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.


5. How has quarantine affected the way you create?

At the start of quarantine, it was just me alone in my apartment with nowhere to go, which forced me to sort of evaluate habits that weren’t serving me creatively and do a bit of an overhaul that’s resulted in a lot of creativity on the other side. I realized how afraid I was to write music – how silly is that, for a songwriter to be afraid of writing a bad song, so she just doesn’t write for two months? So I started guitar lessons, which led to a lot of experimenting and inspiration for writing, found a new writing partner who happens to be one of my best friends. I really started trying to fight against myself sabotaging tendencies with writing and learning how to trust myself and try to discern when something isn’t right yet without completely shutting down.


6. Many people may not know that you also have a passion for photography. Is there a different feeling of inspiration between knowing your outlet for the day is going to be photography or music?

They both provide different types of connection and catharsis. Music gives me much more of an emotional outlet. Writing comes out of necessity and bringing it to life through recording is the most empowering and cathartic thing. Photography has been a really incredible way to connect with other independent artists and help them bring their concepts to life, which has been emotionally fulfilling because I’ve made a ton of friends and discovered some of my favorite artists after being hired to photograph them.


7. When was the last time you felt inspired?

Yesterday I was on a Zoom call with the guy who’s going to direct the music video for Thank You for the Sunday Paper, and I was telling him bow hard it is for me to see myself on camera without being upset with how I look. He said, “We give others so much permission to be real, to be vulnerable, to be expressive, but we’re so unforgiving when we look at ourselves”, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Also, this afternoon I walked through the city for hours with my best friend in almost complete silence, and the air smelled like soil and burnt popcorn, and it made me want to write a song.



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