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Nov 16, 2020

Casey Conroy is a force to be reckoned with in a competitive industry where up-and-coming artists struggle to stand out. Her genuine passion for the music she creates shines through on each one of her singles. And most importantly, Conroy’s music captures real experiences and authentic messages.

Conroy worked diligently at perfecting her craft for years. After being introduced to the world of music at an incredibly young age, Casey realized that she felt particularly comfortable at the piano. This, of course, led to her drive for writing emotionally moving ballads. She ultimately realized that her music has a purpose and that purpose is to unite like-minded people. Currently, her music uplifts and inspires countless listeners across the world. And if one thing is certain, her songs and lyrics address conversations and themes that need to be heard. 

Don’t miss ‘Say It’ as Casey continues to open up and remain consistent both sonically and visually. Plus, the music video just dropped!

In an exclusive interview with PopularTV, the “I Want U” singer opens up about her musical influences, fans and more. 


Check out our interview with Casey below:


Do you remember the specific moment when the idea of ‘Say It’ came to you?

It’s actually a funny story! The guitar riff from this song was an idea my producer had for awhile and every time we had a writing session he would try to sneak it in to get my attention and I just wouldn’t connect with it and finally one day during the lockdown he played it and I just started singing “Say It” – I’m sure he was so proud of himself! Haha That morning we were listening to “Reelin’ In The Years” by Steely Dan and started really pulling from those vibes to give us some of the positivity we needed during that crazy time.

What is something you want incoming fans to know about you?

First and foremost, I want them to know how grateful and appreciative I am. I seriously do not take any fan’s support lightly. Every single person matters and allows me to get to do what I love so I never forget that. Also, everything I do comes from a very real place and I try to be as honest as possible about my journey as a person.

What do you think is an underrated part of your craft?

This is kinda looking at it from a different angle but I honestly think the ability to stay consistent and patient with some times very little validation or return of investment. Sometimes I think artists have to be a little off the rails to attempt what we do because it’s so hard lol! But having almost a naive confidence about your music is in some ways the only way to be successful. I always say that it’s really easy to release music but it’s really hard to release a song, have nobody listen to it, and pick yourself back up and release again.

There is so much culture that comes out of the city of Orlando (Go Knights). How did you go about finding your sound in the city?

Pretty much all of my musical roots came from inside my home originally. My dad is extremely musical and so, growing up, all we would do is listen to music together (artists like a-ha, Depeche Mode, Coldplay). But it was really when I met my manager/producer, Willy Colón, from playing around Orlando, that him and I teamed up on production and merged both of our influences to create the sound. He has a lot of punk, funk and Latin roots and I have a lot of pop, alternative roots so we kinda found a cross roads!

Do you currently have a name for your fans? And if not, what would they be called?

I don’t! And I’ve probably spent way too much time thinking about this! I’ve never really had any nicknames, other than my dad calls me Critter and my family calls me Casey Face, so unless my fans want to be called the Critters, I think I’ll need their help on this one! Lol!

What do you look for when you’re looking for new music/artists to listen to?

Usually either a unique/fresh approach to music or strong songwriting/melodies. I pretty much will always save a song if a melody really hits me and stands out, regardless of anything else in the track. I also love artists that seem to be connected with and attentive to their fans.

What is a question that you wish you were asked more regarding your music/sound?

Wow this is such a good question! In all honesty, I would love to just geek out with fans and go deep into musical influences and technical stuff. I’m a crazy music nerd and a super passionate listener so I love when I get the space to have deep back and forth conversations about creating music and what has/is inspiring me.

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