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#PopularPlay: Chapel


Jul 6, 2020


Rising Atlanta, GA two-piece Chapel are thrilled to share new single “Mushy Gushy”.

The duo – Carter Hardin (vocals/guitar/keys) and Kortney Grinwis (drums) – recorded and produced the track with the multi-platinum production team of Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount at their studio just outside of Atlanta. The band also dropped an incredibly creative and endearing video for the track today, which was filmed entirely during quarantine. As Carter explains, ‘Mushy Gushy’ is a song that celebrates the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. A time where logic is out the window and emotions take control.”

In the video, Chapel find themselves in that honeymoon phase of a budding friendship with an animated character created by animator and director Peter Ferris Rosati. Kortney & Carter bond with their new friend by drinking wine, working out, eating dinner and more over video chat until they’re able to meet.

“Mushy Gushy” is the follow up to 2019 single “Friends” which saw love from SiriusXM’s Alt Nation and Billboard, who premiered the music video for the track in October. “Mushy Gushy” and “Friends” are the band’s first new singles since debut EP Sunday Brunch, which has streamed over 5.5 Million times, was released in 2017.


1. For those who aren’t familiar – Give a quick synopsis of Chapel and how this duo came to be. 

Sure! We are an indie pop duo based out of Athens, Georgia. We started the band back in late 2016. Since then we’ve put out an EP & have toured a bunch both nationally and internationally. We are now currently getting ready to drop our debut LP later this year.


2. Who are your musical influences? I definitely hear a little bit of Bleachers in your sound. Correct me if I’m wrong, obviously. 

Nailed it! Bleachers & the Killers are a huge influence to us. We also take a lot of influence from Outkast as well when it comes to writing.


3. Tell us the story behind your latest release, “Mushy Gushy.” 

Mushy was the first song we wrote for our upcoming album. I wanted to write a song that celebrated the honeymoon phase of a relationship & also sonically had a nostalgic feel to it. I feel like we accomplished that.


4. During your live performances, you’ve been described to have “headliner energy.” What do you two love most about performing? Why do you think people connect with your music so quickly? 

That’s awesome! What we love the most about performing is the energy and as well as being able to let loose for 35 minutes. Performing is our favorite part about being in this band. I feel like people connect with our music because of the lyrics. I think they are into what we do sonically but then stay for what we are saying in our songs.


5. What venue do you dream of performing at one day?



6. Where do you see Chapel in five years?

Still doing music with my best friend Kortney.


Keep up with Chapel on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @ChapelUSA!


  • Photographer Nolan Knight