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#PopularPlay: Chloe Moriondo


Sep 17, 2020

17 year-old internet kid Chloe Moriondo is the newest addition to the Fueled by Ramen family. You know, the same Fueled by Ramen that gave us Twenty One Pilots, fun., and Paramore?

Chloe’s new release ‘I Want To Be With You’ catches the attention of the listener by perfectly crafting a nostalgic teenage love story filled with bursts of excitement and raw emotion transcending above the average bedroom pop song. At the age of 13, the Michigan native took to YouTube to cover thee song of those that inspired her. Now she’s the one providing inspiration to the millions of fans she got to grow up with. From shy teen to confident artist Chloe Moriondo.

We got to chat with the undeniably cool teen about her newest single and how she knew music is what she wanted to do.


1. Tell us about “I Want To Be With You” and the inspiration behind it.
I wanted this song to be heavier than my other music to lead it in the direction I’m planning on taking a lot of my stuff. It’s inspired by the feelings that come from high school crushes and the sort of infatuation induced eagerness that overpowers being shy.


2. How did you end up in the music world? Do you remember the moment you said: “This is what I like to do!”?
This question is hard to answer because I kinda just fell into the music world! I started making covers when I was really young online and after a few years they started getting more popular. I met a lot of really cool people from that and a lot of people started supporting my music!!! I don’t think there was ever a specific moment that I can remember thinking “this is what I like to do” because it’s always been there if that makes sense! Nothing else has ever been an option in my head for me besides music. It feels like it’s the only job I’ll ever be able to do.


3. Even being super young, your music has a special energy and is super authentic! Did you always have contact with music?
Thank you!! I’ve definitely always been in touch with music. Growing up my parents both loved music and surrounded me with it enough for me to not let it go I guess!


4. How many hair colors have you had and do you have the next one planned out?
After extensive trying I’ve counted a rough 6-ish hair colors so far!! Not counting different combos and styles :P I’ve been really wanting to try out dyeing patterns like flowers or stars into a shaved head, so…. watch out


5. Describe yourself and your music in one word!


6. What is your favorite social platform?
Probably Instagram or Twitter???


7. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

I’ve been working on a lot of really fun new stuff to show the world and I’m so excited!! I already can’t wait to be able to tour again.


Keep up with Chloe on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to stream her latest songs on Spotify below: