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#PopularPlay: Confetti


Jun 15, 2020

Confetti is probably one of the biggest bands you’ve never heard of, but that’s about to change.

The cheeky elephant duo tackles everything from modern day relationships to societal inconsistencies with their polymorphic pop sound finally giving their “circus” the opener they deserve with their debut EP, ‘Elephant in The Room’. Since the alternative rock/pop duo’s debut in early 2018, their circus has grown to over 600,000 monthly listeners and have amassed now over 22 million streams on Spotify. Their single “Ghost” has also amassed a cult following of its own being featured in over 80,000 videos on the popular social media platform TikTok.

Confetti explains, “This project is quite literally about the elephant in the room. That uncomfortable presence that reminds you why the current situation you’re in feels awkward. This societal issue is something we find ourselves in the middle of quite often because we are constantly offending somebody somewhere. Hopefully this song is something most people can find the humility to relate to.”

The EP’s opening and self-titled track is the pilot to an explorative mission the duo is on to uncover what we think to be true about the world we live in, asking us to expose our truths.


1. Tell us about your latest EP “Elephant in the Room.” What were your inspirations for the project?

After the release of our first four singles, we were looking for a label partner that could match our tone and take things to the next level. We had “Rob a Bank” and “Ghost” done when we approached CloudKid, and from that moment on was the birth of the EP –– a culmination of our journey in conjunction with CloudKid. Per usual, we were inspired by relevant feelings and situations in our lives and society in general.
2. What made you decide to release it now versus waiting until the quarantine is lifted?

Why wait! Our music tends to tackle current events, societal issues, and emotions, so we feel there’s never a bad time for some Confetti music.
3. Let’s talk about the real elephant in the room, what made you decide to not show your faces and adopt an elephant as your “persona?”

Touché. That’s exactly how we feel — we aim to tackle the various elephants in the room with a lot of our lyrics. We try to represent global feelings with our music and there’s no reason to protect them from a specific few faces. There’s a special freedom we feel, being anonymous. Perhaps it helps us be a little more vulnerable and honest. Not saying there’s not a chance for a reveal down the road, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


4. What do you want listeners to grasp from your music?

We definitely want people to think a little bit. Hopefully the energy of our tracks brings an awareness to the socially challenged. We’ve faced our fair share of social blunders and feel it’s necessary to help those hell bent on a path to social destruction.


5. From your Instagram page, we’ve noticed you like to insert yourselves into pop culture moments, from movie scenes to art. Tell us about the motivation/inspiration behind this and how you are able to photoshop yourselves so well!

Just because we’re elephants doesn’t mean we’re not super into movies and art. Personally think we got snubbed by not being cast in movies like Superbad or the Twilight series. As you can see by the edits, we were definitely meant to be placed in pop culture. One day we will have our own television show, a fusion of our music, humor, and randomness.


6. Political undertones are apparent in your music, most notably your debut single “People Suck,” where the cover art is full of disgraced celebrities, signaling the #MeToo movement. Why do you think it is important to use music as a tool for activism?

We wouldn’t say we’re activists per-say. We’ll definitely keep up with the political/societal undertones, but more-so as commentary and observations. Confetti is music for the people, by the people.


7. Tell us about the Confetti Jukebox, a Spotify playlist curated by you with songs from a myriad of genres. How did you decide what went into the jukebox?

We really really love our fans, “the circus.” We wanted to open up our ears to what they’re listening to and create a playlist for all of us to jam to together. It’s also awesome to hear new killer music –– the circus consists of serious tastemakers and we recognize that. We are hoping to update the playlist monthly thanks to our involved and persistent fans. Again, for the people, by the people :)



Ready to join the circus? Keep up with the opening act on Instagram and Twitter @whoisconfetti.