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#PopularPlay: Emma Jaye


Sep 25, 2020

Pop singer Emma Raye released TODAY her most recent single “Ghost” and it’s a real masterpiece! The 23-year-old artist is authentic, cool, extremely beautiful, and is conquering the music industry with her talent and provocative creations.

Before adventuring herself in music, Raye was an actress and marked presence in iconic TV shows and movies like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”“Spring Breakers” and “Boardwalk Empire” We can see that she was born to the art world!!! – but decided to follow the music path after feeling the heart 100% full when singing <3

“Ghost” is her fourth release of the year ( Love You X3, Overtime, and Dumb) and is just a sneak peek of what is coming next!


1. Tell us about your new single ‘Ghost’.

It’s all about falling for a guy who has the typical guy syndrome where he wants what he can’t have. I had an experience where I got ghosted by a guy who I went on a few dates with, but he still followed me online and liked my posts, so it was pretty crazy-making. I feel like it’s a modern thing in our culture, so I wrote a song about it. 


2. What does the dream music video for this single look like?

A full ghostbusters set. A dope location. I would want to tell the story of a guy who was afraid to get close to a girl which is why he ghosts her. 


3. How did you find your sound as an artist?

It takes time and meditation. For me, as I grew as a person my sound followed that. So I’ve finally found a great sound for me that truly fits, at least for now. :) 


4. How do you balance being both an actress and an artist?

It’s honestly not hard! I’m an artist mostly. But they are both arts. I love both but music is my true calling. But when I get the chance to pursue acting too it’s always fun! I’ve had years of training for my whole life. But it’s not the thing. 


5. What are the differences between Emma Jaye vs Emma Holzer?

Emma Holzer is my real name. Emma Jaye is my artist name. In a sense they are both the same person, it’s the Emma that’s really important. :)

6. Do people call you Cinderemma? If so, who was the first, if not, what is a nickname you have?

Some people do! But other nicknames I have are Eminem, Em, people also call me E J or E-money sometimes hehe. 


7. What has been the most surreal moment of your career so far?

I definitely like to think I haven’t had it but getting featured on Spotify playlists meant a lot. It’s been a dream of mine to be a singer. It is my dream. So to get that recognition I guess just means the world to me. I appreciate the followers and fans so much too. I’ve seen a big increase in those numbers later and I’m so grateful and just love them so much.


8. What do you wish you got asked more about?

I’m a pretty open book, people can ask me anything! But I always live to talk about music, maybe where I came from, I love to talk about dreams and ways we can help save the planet.


Don’t forget to watch “Ghost” (THAT IS OUT NOW) and to follow Emma all over social media. She’s cool <3

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