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#PopularPlay: Francisco Martin


Oct 21, 2020

Acoustic artist and “Idol” alum Francisco Martin has dropped his new and emotional single Swollen. Conveying a peace you experience only when you dream, Fransisco’s voice shines over the new track.

The new track, produced in a bedroom studio in Nevada, delicately tells the story of a lover gone away and its personified in the heartbreaking accompanying music video starring Fransisco and his music video “ex’.

“I wrote this song way back in December. Posted a short clip of it in April. Produced it myself in September. And now, here it is in October for you to love, laugh, cry and enjoy,” Fransisco explained.

Of his early exposure to music, Fransisco recounts his father filling his home with the sounds of famous rock anthems and how he was encouraged to pick up sticks at the age of 9 and try his hand at the drums. Since then, the artist has written several songs inspired by artists like James Bay, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran.

Fransisco chatted with us about his new song ‘Swollen’ and career.

1. In what way does your newest single “Swollen” represent who you are as an artist right now?
I’m an acoustic-based artist. So it was really important for me to showcase that to my listeners. I really love acoustic productions so I wanted “Swollen” to solidify who I really am. Whether it be through my songwriting or my production, the acoustics are always first for me.

2. What is a production aspect you absolutely geek over? What producer or artist’s production are you influenced or inspired by?
I absolutely love playing around with different reverbs and utilizing them on electric guitars to create ambient soundscapes. I use it a lot in my productions. I look up to Jack Antonoff and Finneas’ work when I’m in need of an inspirational boost while producing songs. I get so motivated watching them create and talk about their work.
3. What measures did you go through to find your voice as an artist?
I spent a whole year not actually creating music but listening to a lot of it. Of course, I went through phases creating songs derived from other artists’ work. But I think that was what was fun about it. When I first heard Maggie Rogers’ “Alaska,” I felt this refreshing feeling I’ve never felt before. It sparked a love for new music in me and ultimately inspired me to start finding my own voice.
4. Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
I’m literally such a hardcore horror fan. People I know think I’m insane but I love watching horror films and falling asleep to them.
5. What part of being an artist do you feel came most natural to you?
Being able to be openly vulnerable as a songwriter is what I love the most about being an artist in this day and age. I think a lot of people today struggle with being vulnerable. This feeling that being vulnerable means you’ll be looked at as weak or overly emotional is a travesty.
6. When do you feel most present?
I feel most present when I’m alone in a room writing songs or producing. Without the distractions that life throws at me, I’m more emotionally into it and I’m able to freely be myself creatively.
7. What is something you wish you got asked more about?
I wish people would ask me more about me as an artist rather than who I am as a person. I draw a thick line between the artist and everyday me. I’ve always had a big fear of being misunderstood.
Keep up with the man with the man behind the six strings on Instagram @FranciscoMartinMusic .


  • Photographer Elissa Felman