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#PopularPlay: Georgia Ku & Party Favor


May 31, 2020

The multitalented songwriting sensation behind hit tracks like that Martin Garrix X Dua Lipa collab, and Rita Ora , Georgia Ku, and one of the biggest music producers in the industry right now, Party Favor, are back for another collab! It’s hard to find just one word to describe these two artists, this partnership, and this song, so here’s a few.

Once More” is the sequel to the 2016 hit “In My Head”. The song portrays a couple in a whirlwind romance that is destined to end in disaster but neither are brave enough to face that truth. The video (*cough* linked below ) takes place in a bar set to moody lighting only to be contrasted by the electronic and futuristic synths capturing the internal struggles of this relationship as well as the aesthetic for not only this video, but his current EP FRESH LAUNDRY out now!

We are very excited about having these two amazing artists in our #PopularPlay session, so we will leave you with this interview because we need to go back and watch the music video one more time!

1. Tell us about “Once More”. What is the song about? – We have to say: we can’t stop listening! The song is so catchy.
Thank you! Glad you like it. To me, this song is about being in a relationship with someone who you can’t escape. No matter what you try you just can’t stop coming back to that person. Whether it’s abusive or toxic or just not right I think we can all relate to that a little bit too much haha.
Georgia: Thank you!! The song is about a relationship or person that you know is no good for you but you just keep going back, almost thinking something is going to change but you keep finding yourself in the same cycle.

2. How this partnership between you two happened?
We had made a song together previously called “In My Head” and I just had such a positive experience with Georgia. She is so talented and after all the years in between, I just wanted to try to work with her again!
G: We first met back in 2016 when we collaborated on “In My Head”, that song came about pretty remotely so I was looking forward to being able to work together in person from scratch!

3. Georgia, can you tell us a little bit about your writing process?
G: It differs, I love co-writing because I like pulling ideas from different perspectives. I am definitely more drawn to melodies, and when the chords inspire me, they come to me immediately. Sometimes we start with a concept and fit that into a melody, other times I come up with a melody and we fit lyrics into that. I always say songwriting is like a game of Tetris – once you fit all the pieces in the right place, it all comes together… but you have to figure out how to make them all fit first!

4. Party Favor, you’ve worked with so many incredible artists! How cool is that? Do you have any advice for those who are starting their career now?
Has been very blessed to work with so many talented people. My biggest advice is to try and set yourself apart from everyone else and have something to say. Whether that’s through the sound you make or the image you create you have to set yourself apart. There’s no magic wand to do that but the artists that make it are the ones who feel “different” from the rest.

5. For both of you:  An artist you would die to work with?
D: Easy, Pharrell, haha!
G: I think I would love to work with Sia because I think she’s one of the most talented writers out there, her melodic instinct is incredible & is definitely something that has inspired me in my writing over the years.

6. Can each of you tell us a secret?
D: I once got attacked by a squirrel in central park when I was a baby.
G: I don’t tell secrets!

7. What are you currently listening to?
D: Jamie XX & a lot of Disco House.
G: I’ve mainly been listening to background chill beats to fit with my whole quarantine vibe! Haha.

8. Do you guys have any upcoming projects together? And individual?
D: No more projects together that I know of lol, but we’ve already done 2 so I feel like we will work together again. I would love to do something for Georgia’s project. Individually I just dropped this recent EP, the Isolation beats project, and have a big official remix coming out shortly. Already working on a new EP and some big collabs so staying busy!
G: Nothing else together, I think if we did other people would think we were a band! Haha, yes my next single and EP are being finished as we speak and will be released within these next 2 months! I’m so so so excited!!

You can listen to “Once More” HERE, and as well as their first collaboration “In My Head” HERE!

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