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#PopularPlay: Germano


Jul 8, 2020

Not many artists have the ability to seamlessly connect different mediums of art, but Brazilian-born Germano has been showcasing his immense multifaceted talent in his most recent single “Cool”. Not only has he created a heartfelt song rooted in personal experience, but Germano also used his filmmaking skills to produce, direct, and edit his own music video for the single.

The LA-based artist shot to everyone’s radar with his debut single “Lost Crowd” and has since been crafting the release of his EP The Lost Crowd” with “Cool” being the first single to drop and many more to come. 

Check out this in-depth interview with the artist where we discuss everything from the meaning behind his newest release to the way his Brazilian identity plays a role in his creativity and identity. 

1. Tell us about “Cool” and the inspiration behind the song.
Much like the rest of the EP, “Cool” was inspired by my friends and the city of Los Angeles. I just observed how everyone around me in this city acted a certain way, it’s quite a unique place to grow up and become an adult… But I wrote “Cool” at a time in my life when I was feeling really sad and so were my friends, and we were stuck on a cycle of trying to numb that feeling by doing things that would give us a rush of excitement and allow us to escape for a moment.

2. You directed, produced, and edited the music video. Was that your idea? How were the elaboration and production? Challenges?
The reason why I decided to do it myself is that I had a very clear idea of what I wanted it to look like, but I don’t consider myself a director or producer yet… I originally wanted to film it in a house to be able to have the scene with the parents in the dining room but once I found the house where we shot it, I adapted the concept of the video and was able to come up with more ideas, incorporating the different rooms and stuff… The biggest challenge was time – we only had the house for 7 hours and we had to shoot some of the scenes pretty quick because we had to get out of there.

3. “Cool” will be followed by more singles from the self-penned EP, The Lost Crowd. Is there anything you would like to share with us about the upcoming EP? What to expect?
Right now I’m finishing up the other two songs and deciding whether I’m releasing them individually or at once. I’m dying to get them out, though. I wrote these songs between 2017 and 2018, and at the time I had no intention of putting any music out, so because of that, I think the EP is very unpretentious and honest.

4. We loved the way “Cool” has a very intense vibe. We can feel that everything was very thought out. The outfit helps a lot with the development of history. How did you come up with the clothes ideas? Does each represent a different personality?
Thank you! Yes, the idea behind the deaths in the music video is that being in a group of friends or even family where that self-destructive behavior is allowed or celebrated can be deadly, so in that way, we’re killing each other. I first had the idea of having the parents be the only victims, then once I found that house, it progressed to the friends… And I wanted to wear really cool outfits as I kill each one because it ties back to the concept that the more you engage in this careless, wild behavior, the cooler you are because that’s the mentality a lot of kids have – I certainly did.

5. In 2019 you released one of your biggest successes “Lost Crowd”. Can you explain the concept of the music video?
In “Cool” there’s more of a narrative whereas in “Lost Crowd” it was more about creating a “vibe.” I’m very proud of that one too, and by focusing on the visuals alone the introduction to me as an artist and the idea behind the song was a lot clearer, I think. I wanted to create a world that represented me & my friends at the time that I wrote the song when I was becoming a young adult and finding myself in the city and my friends. In ‘n Out played a huge role in my life during that time too.

6. Can you tell us the biggest difference in directing a film and directing a music video?
The only films I directed were for school so I didn’t put as much pressure on myself… There’s not really a rule because you could have dialogue scenes that you’d normally have in a film in a music video as well. Emotion still translates without words. I think music videos, though, have no limitations in terms of creativity, you can create a whole universe and make the ridiculous make sense with much more ease and freedom – it can be more interpretive rather than “realistic”.

7. You were born in Brazil. How is your relationship with the country? Do you go there often? Do you know how to speak Portuguese?
I go back to Brazil every Christmas, or at least once a year, where I spend as much time as I can with my friends and family. I was born and raised there until I was a teenager so I speak Portuguese fluently. I feel like I’m 100% Brazilian until I go back, and everyone reminds me that I’ve spent too much time in the U.S. My mom tells me I have an accent when I speak Portuguese sometimes, but I disagree… Usually, after a week of being in Brazil, I can speak in Portuguese as if I never left, it’s a muscle.

8. Favorite thing about Brazil and your favorite Brazilian food!
Favorite thing about Brazil, other than the people, is the food – no doubt. I try to get Brazilian food at least once a week here in L.A. I like getting “Feijoada”, farofa and grilled steak. And when I’m here I get this soda called “Guaraná” which I never drink when I’m in Brazil, but I do here for some reason… I think it makes it feel more like home.

9. Tell us about your upcoming projects!
I want to release the other singles from “The Lost Crowd” EP as soon as possible. I wrote those songs almost 3 years ago, so to me, it feels like they’re past due. But I’m even more excited to start releasing the songs that I’ve written more recently… I’m pushing myself to release more music faster and to create something better than I have in the past.

Germano, we can’t wait to listen to your EP!
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