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#PopularPlay: JP SAXE


Sep 2, 2020

The Toronto-born, LA-based singer-songwriter JP Saxe just launched his new song called “A Little Bit Yours” TODAY and we couldn’t be happier.

After crashing the VMA last Sunday with the outbreathing performance of “If The World Was Ending.” on the side of the incredible Julia Michaels (you can watch it HERE), JP shared with POPULAR TV how was the performance preparation and how his life changed since the debut of his EP Hold It Together” in February.

“A Little Bit Yours” is a confessional and affecting song that aligns with his other lyric-driven tracks, and that has the power to connect you emotionally with the lyrics/beats only in the first seconds.

Besides the new song that he just released, JP is also working on a weekly IG live series called “HOMETEAM LIVE”, where he performs original music and invites artists for conversation and performances, so you have reasons enough to fell in love with this artist that breaths music.

1. Congratulations on your VMA performance this year! What did the preparation look like for this under quarantine?

Thank you! Preparation was made simpler by the fact that I live with the person I was singing with. Julia and I got to dive into the creative with the team and put something together that felt both intimate yet surreal and really bring out that nothing-can-get-in-the-way kind of loving feeling that we both feel in the song. 


2. Tell us about your new single “A Little Bit Yours” and how it came to be. 

This is one of those pacing around my house at 3 am kinda songs. Writing at the piano, writing in the shower, and then back to that piano. It’s about that feeling you’re just over having, but don’t know how not to. That person who you see doing a better job of letting go of you than you are of them. Ironically writing this song was a big part of what helped me let go and move on to more beautiful things than I ever could have imagined.


3. Do you recall a specific pivotal moment in your life that made you realize music was your true calling?

It’s the first place I ever really understood myself. Still is, I think. Playing Ray Charles songs for my grandfather at 13 is a moment I think back on a lot. 


4. Who are the biggest inspirations for the music you currently create? Has that changed over time?

The voices in my head. Sometimes they’re mine, sometimes they’re the people I love. Usually both. 


5. As a songwriter, how does the way you create music for yourself differ from the way you create for others? 

When it’s for myself, it’s my stories. My sincerity. When it’s for others, it’s theirs. I know that seems simplified, but that’s basically all it is. 


6. With the release of your debut EP in February, how have you changed as an artist since then? 

I’ve changed as a person. I think we all have in 2020… this much time to be introspective will do that. And I think, like any artist, changing as a human is what changes me as an artist as all I’m trying to do in my art is be honest about what it feels like to be me. 


7. Alternatively, how long had you been writing ‘Hold It Together’, and is there a message you wanted to send with it?

It’s a discouragement of holding it together. At least, the “keep it cool” kind of holding it together. It’s an encouragement of the “this life is ours and we need to share it” kind of hold it together. 


8. What has been the most surreal moment of your career?

Playing Fallon was pretty special. It was the last time my mom ever saw me perform. She got to see that her kid was gonna be okay in this crazy music game. Not sure if Jimmy knows that, but that timing was a really special gift. 


9. Tell us something most people don’t know about you. 

I’m better at board games than I am at music. 


Don’t forget to listen to “A Little Bit Yours” and to follow JP SAXE on social media, so you can stay on the top of the news and watch his weekly musical series: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.